It doesnt matter what yer talking about, you post one old picture...

Apr 26, 2013 -- 12:02pm


I love going back through old pictures! I don't remember that shirt?
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  • Christopher Rude Mary June do you remember that shirt?
  • Mary June Rose Sure. It's gray.
  • Christopher Rude cool, you remember, in color!
  • Jody Harris looks like jerry garcia minus the glasses what year?
  • Christopher Rude I just showed this picture to my 11 year old daughter! hated it, thinks I look better now!? Gawd I love that girl!
  • Christopher Rude Worked in Jacksonville from 1980 to 1987...after i left Mary June Rose in Charlotte
  • Jody Harris lol i hear about my MULLET everytime the old pics come out.....told my son a girl wouldnt talk to a guy unless he used as much hairspray as she the 80's
  • Mary June Rose Nice to see carts.
  • Cristy Biles Ethridge The one I will always love and "the" billboard! Classic Atlanta memory!