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Apr 19, 2013 -- 12:14pm


Christopher Rude@ChristopherRude16h

Falcons going very "public" with their desire to move up in the draft...why? @680tra @680_the_fan

I always find it fascinating when teams go very public with their desire to show their hand. Hey everybody, we have 11 draft picks and we wanna do something?  Aren't most deals done behind the scenes? If this is a "smokescreen?" "Bluffing?"  But, for what or for whom? Maybe Thomas is calling the other teams, but his calls are going straight to voicemail?


Tom Glavine@Tom_Glavine17 Apr

So cool, crowd at the Bruins game took over the anthem, 17 thousand singing in unison , love Boston

One of the most moving versions of the National Anthem ever. When I heard it, I thought THAT'S the way the National Anthem should be performed at every public gathering and sung with THAT level of passion and patriotism!


Christopher Rude@ChristopherRude17 Apr

Is there anything in the Masters rules that would prevent a winner from doing the unthinkable? @680tra @680_the_fan

After an exciting MASTERS with the first AUSTRALIAN to wear the GREEN JACKET, Adam Scott may have been approached by THE BACHELOR to be a CELEBUTARD on their little HAREM (A group of women sexual partners for one man) reality show. Appearing on THE BACHELOR is beneath a Masters Champion...or is it?  What's the difference between appearing on The Bachelor or DANCING WITH STARS? They both appeal to the lowest common denominator?

Christopher Rude@ChristopherRude17 Apr

Never underestimate the power or the timelessness of music

SWEET CAROLINE is a song from 1969 by Neil Diamond...hang on...I did the research...

"Sweet Caroline" is a soft rock song written and performed by Neil Diamond and officially released on June 28, 1969, as a single. It was later released on December 9, 1972 as a part of Diamond's Hot August Night album. There are three distinct mixes of this song. The original mono 45 mix had a loud orchestra and glockenspiel compared to the stereo version on the Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show LP. The third version was a remix found only on the initial CD release of Diamond's His 12 Greatest Hits. This version has the orchestra mixed down very noticeably and has the background vocals mixed up. It has a longer fade as well. The song reached #4 on the Billboard chart and eventually went platinum for sales of one million singles.[1]

In the autumn of 1969, Diamond performed "Sweet Caroline" on several television shows. It later reached #8 on the UK singles chart in 1971. In a 2007 interview, Diamond revealed the inspiration for "Sweet Caroline" was President John F. Kennedy's daughter, Caroline Kennedy, who was eleven years old at the time.[2][3] Diamond sang the song to her at her 50th birthday celebration in 2007.[4]

While certainly a song that is no longer relevant, it was moving to see fans across MLB singing SWEET CAROLINE as a tribute to those who died in BOSTON...proving once again how powerful and timeless music is...


Christopher Rude@ChristopherRude17 Apr

Do u like the #Hawks chances in the 1st round of the playoffs? 404 240 0680 fan line is open @680tra 680_the_fan

Geez, IF you believe the odds makers, 2 teams don't stand much of a chance in the NBA playoffs, the Bucks and the HAWKS!

Odds to win 2013 NBA Championship     

MiamiHeat                                2/3

Oklahoma CityThunder              17/4

San AntonioSpurs                    10/1

New YorkKnicks                       16/1

DenverNuggets                        25/1

IndianaPacers                          25/1

Los AngelesClippers                25/1

Los AngelesLakers                   40/1

MemphisGrizzlies                     40/1

ChicagoBulls                            60/1

BrooklynNets                           60/1

BostonCeltics                          66/1

GoldenStateWarriors               100/1

HoustonRockets                      100/1

AtlantaHawks                           150/1

MilwaukeeBucks                       500/1


Christopher Rude@ChristopherRude16 Apr

Matt Ryan is not worried about his new contract. Hey, with that many zeros I wouldn't be worried either @680tra #nfl

It's good to be KING...Matt's worries aren't related to money. The money will be there! Matt's worries are protection...and a defense that can stay on the field long enough to give him a chance to catch a breath!


This TWEET, I file can't please all the people all the time...BUT, I will give TIM a voice to TWEET his mind...

  1. Tim Zmijewski@timzmijewski16 Apr  only you would talk about the voice right now in light of today's events. Small town radio voice good job!

@timzmijewski @680tra IF you have anything new to report about the events that took place yesterday, i would be more than happy to report it...

Tim, our phones lines are always open 404 231 a beef?  Feel free to call.


Christopher Rude@ChristopherRude15 Apr

It appears that there was a great deal of surveillance at the Boston Marathon finish...hopefully that will lead to a quick arrest @680tra

I tweeted this right after I saw the initial footage coming out of Boston. This is the finish line of the BOSTON MARATHON!!  Media coverage, both national and international...cell surveillance cameras. Big Brother was well represented. Now, I hope the second suspect can be caught or killed without any further bloodshed.

Christopher Rude@ChristopherRude15 Apr

2 explosions at the finish line of the Boston marathon @680tra @realmattlanta


Christopher Rude@ChristopherRude14 Apr

Can u spot a miserable couple? Just by looking at them? @680tra

As a divorced dad, I get to spend a few nights every week eating dinner at any number of restaurants around the area. When you're by either stare at your plate or you people watch. 2 observations, 1. folks are WAY to attached to their cell phones! I watch countless families, not talking, but playing with their cell phones! No laughing, no talking about the events of the day, nothing. I see young couples with nothing to say checking their e-mail, tweeting, facebooking, or looking for new bout staring lovingly into each others eyes and whispering what you plan to do to each other when you get home? ...sorry, apparently that's old skool?!  I try to tweet most of this crap as it occurs to me and sometimes I even strike a chord with folks...

10:10 AM - 14 Apr 13

Can u spot a miserable couple? Just by looking at them? @680tra


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