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If the rule says as close as possible, shouldn't it be pretty easy to set it in the divet?  That would be by definition, "as close as possible"...

Dumb rule.

Happy Birthday!


Unfortunately, the question arises- who will be the first apologist to defend or “explain” the justification of yesterdays’s bombing?  Will it be Sean Penn?  Danny Glover?  Oliver Stone?  You know there will be an “America deserved this” because of our arrogance and suppression of the downtrodden.  

 John B


Happy birthday rude



For me since I've been here in Atlanta and I am initially from Chicago. I grew up with some good announcers. Harry Carey of course. Johnny red kurr. But since I've been down here I love the guys on the radio for the Braves. One do all guy that you are missing is Wes Durham is fantastic. Nationally Mike tarico is pretty good. But most importantly you guys on 680 are pretty good too. You guys make our drive a whole lot easier.

Tell Leo this is Sam Braggs Uncle.

Sorry for some of the spelling this is voice to text Stuck in traffic.

Big E


So after the Braves electrified the City with 3 HRs in the 8th last night, I thought I would check out the Hawks before heading to bed.  I turned it on and saw Shelvin Mack, Anthony Tolliver, Mike Scott, John Jenkins, and Dahntay Jones getting ran out of the gym.  The last time I checked, we didn't have the 5th seed locked up so why are we resting guys for the playoffs?  Looks like we are now going to finish 6th and have to face the Pacers....I give us no chance at beating them, but the Nets would have been a fun series.  I understand that if we get past the 1st round, we will miss the Heat, but now I don't see us getting past Indiana.  Do teams usually rest starters down the stretch to drop playoff seeds?  If we were just going to quit, why didn't we do this a month ago and miss the playoffs to get in the lottery?  I am frustrated and if the Hawks don't care about winning, why should we care about watching.


JC Smalls
Uggla has been a huge disappointment bordering on failure  ...224 B.A.,  352 strikeouts in 329 games,  27 HRs per year (most when we were way ahead or way behind), 80 RBI per year.  So, when Freeman comes back why not put Freeman at first, Francisco at 3rd and Chris Johnson at 2nd.  Johnson may give up a few more runs due to errors and not getting to certain balls than Uggla would, but I think he would more than make up for those shortcomings, by hitting in the clutch instead of striking out, moving runners over instead of striking out, hitting sac flys instead of striking out  (I'm sensing a theme here).  How can you sit a guy hitting .400 in favor of a .163 hitter - I do not get it.
Gattis' play will make the nonsigning of McCann a much easier decision for Braves brass and much more palatable to Braves fans.
Gary Hosmer
hey chris great mind think a lot. i too was thinking about Shania Twain, Beyonce and Taylor Swift. Also i would like J-lo. love ya man.
Hey tell Leo if he really don't know how to get to bench Warmer's tell him go to Hudson bridge turn left then left rock quarry and its down on left
good morning rude. hey rude i know i've talked to you about this before and i just wanted to talk to you again about it. was watching some clips of past performers on soul train on you tube. Al Green, Rufus (featuring a skinny chaka khan), Commodores, Michael & his brothers, Elton John, Marvin, Rod Stewart, etc.etc. etc. Rude i know you are going to disagree but the 70's has got to be the decade for the greatest song writing, muscians, clothing design, talent producing, and singing of all time. Being a music afficiando yourself i challenge you to do some serious research and you will find that the greatest decade for music will be the 70".s  The Eagles, Boston, Earth Wind & Fire, Commodores, O-Jays, Rolling Stones, Jacksons, Abba,
LTD, KC & Sunshine Band, Elton John, Marvin Gaye, Diana, Queen, Kiss, Barry White, ELO,
Lorretta Lynn, okay i got to get back to work but you get my drift. (lol) chris i can't sing a lick but man would i love to. You're da best on the radio man. i love ya and may God continue to bless you man.
A save should be credited to a pitcher if the tie run is on deck...

Rule 10.20 in the Official Rule Book states:
Credit a pitcher with a save when he meets all three of the following conditions: 
(1) He is the finishing pitcher in a game won by his club; and 
(2) He is not the winning pitcher; and 
(3) He qualifies under one of the following conditions: 
- (a) He enters the game with a lead of no more than three runs and pitches for at least one inning; or 
- (b) He enters the game, regardless of the count, with the potential tying run either on base, or at bat, or on deck (that is, the potential tying run is either already on base or is one of the first two batsmen he faces; or 
- (c) He pitches effectively for at least three innings. No more than one save may be credited in each game.


Matthew Iobst

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