Dear Rude, How long has Perry been a Steelers Fan?

Mar 01, 2013 -- 2:11pm
Perry has been a Steelers fan since his chick magnet years at USC
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  • Kris Bordeaux · Friends with Chip Towers
    Hilarious...and I'm not talking about the picture...It's the "Unibrow"...hahaha
  • Tissy Lewis Jones what kind of helmet is he wearing?
  • Cary Clayborn Is that Phil Hartman's old character, "Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer"?
    Regardless, I think I saw that guy on a Geico commercial recently.
  • David Marett His hair should have a chinstrap..........
  • Mark Cohea Im actually shocked that Perry could actually pull some nice wool...
  • Rob Fleming That's not a forehead, its more like a 3 head.
  • Brandon Gerald I bet there was a bird living in that at that exact moment...
  • Mark Cohea Sports talk host.... so easy, even a Perry can do it.
  • Rob Fleming I'd like to introduce Perry's eyebrows but I see they already met!
  • Mike Simpson The Pittsburgh Chia Pets......
  • Michael Pullen Is that a Mark Gastineau hair style (& brow)
  • Brandon Gerald I would be willing to bet that he used Soul Glow in his hair at one point and work at "McDowell's "

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