Tweet Week with Christopher Rude

Feb 22, 2013 -- 1:54pm


  1. J-Smoove: "I'm glad all this is behind us. Now I can move on and help the team jockey for playoff position."

  2. Oscar Pistorius says he has no plans to skip town

  3. Hmmm? Where do you get Pop Rocks?

  4. What will The Bachelor do to kill time on these over night dates

  5. Burglar Hiding In Pistorius' Bathroom Figures Now Probably His Best Chance To Escape

  6. OFFICIAL: acquire Dahntay Jones from Dallas for Anthony Morrow and acquire Jeremy Tyler from Golden State:

  7. Check out 's interview w/ GM Danny Ferry now on ! (LINK)

  8. Nuclear Power tickets next on

  9. "They had it and they let it get away" they didn't just say that?!

  10. You have to be impressed with how quickly the Heat can overcome a deficit

  11. Its always, can you survive the Heat in the 4th

  12. 4th qtr if your not watching. Let's see how the stack up vs one of the best

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