Kate Upton...Chunky?

Feb 15, 2013 -- 2:02pm
did matt tweet that he thought kate looked a little chunky?
  • Jeff Blalock Ill kick his arse
  • Steve Autry In the words of Jackie Gleason..."OOFF!"
  • Steve DeFrank That was Chuck's opinion.
  • Jason Winburn how many months along is she?
  • Dan Lynn Chunky? Really? Looks good to me
  • Jason Winburn looks photo shopped, check out her face compared to body.
  • Michael Brown Perhaps, he meant he was sporting a chunky...?....
  • Charlie Land This is just not right of you, Christopher!! It is mean, cruel and ungentlemanly. I mean, a person of my age who has had 3 pacemakers and now has to have 3 - I cannot figure out which pacemaker is shorting-out!!!!
  • Charlie Land Oh!!! - No Pun Intended!!! --- IT'S --- "RUDE!!!" Just Kidding - Had Her "Last Night!!!!"
  • Jason Cofar I'm sure Kate thought the same thing about Chuck
  • Russell Jones She is chunky compared to the useless tooth picks in other magazines...
  • James Reese Chunky compared to her other SI cover but still hot!
  • Brian P. Kelley I've always preferred my girls a lil big boned, so i have no problem in this case then with Kate. Hey Now!!!

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