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Jan 18, 2013 -- 2:22pm
Ask Perry this but make sure you giggle like he does when you ask:

Which teams fans will endure more shame, and can be assured no other team will ever reach this low point?

1. My teams Heisman runner up relied on sympathy rather than ability or toughness to get votes
2. My team was the number one seed and the biggest home underdog in playoff history
3. My team had enough talent and an easy enough schedule to be ranked number one in the nation, but lost in a bowl game to a team with a losing record


Stay Rude

Morning fellas! I’m soooo pumped about the game this Sunday! Gotta feeling the Falcons are gonna take it! No one is giving them a chance! Listen, I have a friend that came out with an anthem for the Falcon Fans. He goes by the name Rowdy B. It’s called Rise Up! It’s clean and would LOVE to hear it on air!!






Thanks guys!


Troy Womack


I am a long time listener. I have never called in. I have been a Falcons fan from day 1. Went to their first spring training in Johnson City Tn. Grew up with Whitey Zimmermans family. I know Whitey is pulling for the Falcons I HAVE AN IDEA ............ COWBELLS FOR KAEPERNICK....
LETS TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE HOME FIELD AND RATTLE HIS WORLD.......A SELLOUT CROWD WITH COWBELLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... now you take this and run with it..........
Tks Ricky Haynes

Giants 26 vs 49er's 3 at San Francisco October 14
Falcons 34 vs Giants 0 at Atlanta December 16
How does that great 49er defense give up 26 to the Giants and Atlanta's less than average defense shut them out - When the Giants were in the thick of that pitiful NFC East race at the time and the Atlanta game was a MUST WIN for them.

Hey man. Always love the show. You keep me sain on my hour drive to work.

Heard you ask October this morning about a unique salmon recipe and I have one so I thought I'd share.

Boiled Salmon (yes I said boiled)

This was a Northern Michigan tradition much like a low country boil.

Start with a large pot of boiling water.
Add potatoes and carrots cut into quarters followed by halved or quartered onions. Once the veggies are about cooked. Add pieces of salmon cut from a large salmon filet. You want pieces that are about 3-4" square and .5" to 1" thick. Once they turn pink. Take everything out. Separate the fish and onions. Melt some butter or margarine and pour over everything to your taste and health consciousness. Finish off salmon and onions with a solid dusting of Old Bay seasoning.

Salmon will fall apart and melt in your mouth.

Let me know if you get a chance to try it. Hope you enjoy!

Aaron Skinner


Wow……………the joy in that carpet baggers voice when (he went 3 year old giddy) talking about OUR ATLANTA FALCONS being an “all time underdog”. What an A-Hole, spiteful little man. Sorry his team of the week is out of the tournament and tired of his pretending.

Perry you are no Rude Dude & we listen for Christopher!



Danny Johnson (VP)


I'm sure you probably discussed it, but if not the final top 10 BCS rankings included
5 SEC teams
2 Pac 12 teams
1 Big 10 (who cheated)
1 Independent
It's just not fair. Maybe we should just have a BCSEC and a separate BCS so that other teams have a chance to win - you know sort of like little league where everybody get s trophy.

Gary Hosmer


I cannot believe that other stations are not raving about the Falcons game. We are a pathetic fan base because we don’t revel in what little success we have.
Bud the Falcons Fan
You guys have the best show on the air. Cofar is the best producer in sports talk radio and Chris you are the most well rounded personality in sports talk.
Okay enough B.S. I know you guys get ticket requests all the time ....... for sporting events. Phooey don't care - I can get those cheap in Atlanta - nobody goes to the games anyway. However, somehow, inexplicably, at age 62 I am an avid Black Keys fan (that is basic rock and roll baby). So all I'm asking is that, if for some crazy reason, you have a ticket or two laying around come showtime - maybe a winner didn't pick it/them up, maybe some come into the offices at the last minute - whatever, and you don't want it/them to go unused - Please shoot me an email. I promise 100% I will take it/them and pay for them if necessary.
Thanks for even reading this.
I think Grantham is a decent coach but not a great one…when you look at how many teams ran right through the middle all season long with Georgia and especially Alabama and Nebraska….I think adjustments would have been made by a better coach.
Chuck Williams

shut the F up about this stupid bulls*&& The Falcons playing the 49ers is what this city is interested in.


I would love to hear Leo’s take on it since it is all about his beloved Notre Dame.


Any chance?


Let it go. You guys do a great job talking about important sports stuff. This is personal soap opera BS

Please discuss the fact that on December 23, 2012 the Seahawks smacked the 49ers 42-13.

The falcons just beat the Seahawks who 3 weeks ago handed a smack down to the 49ers. It is a very feasible thin that the falcons beat them this Sunday

Craig Carpenter


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