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Jan 10, 2013 -- 4:17pm
I'm sick of hearing about how horrible mussberger is and what he said. I understood completely what he was talking about. The star player/athlete gets the hot girl. (Ex the hunchback looking FL QB & his girl).

There is no outrage from media or any one about CNN's New Year's Eve coverage where Kathy Griffin simulated oral sex on Anderson Cooper. Really?? Nothing. She gets on talk shows & talk about how funny it is.

Thank you
Once again Perry is an idiot!!! smart guy in the room, wow really??? Also, USC started #1 & Bama finished #1, Roll Tide Roll, Perry is a joke!

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Morning Crew,


Let’s play tick for tack; the Falcons verse the Seahanks:



  1. Michael Turner vs Marshawn Lynch-(the Seagulls win in that category hands down…The Beast over The Burn-Out).
      • Matt Ryan vs Russell Wilson-(currently Russell Wilson has a hot hand, but Matt’s body of work is much more prolific).
          • Falcons wide outs vs their wide outs-(we win, our guys are very physical & more talented at that spot…and more talkative).
              • Falcons O-line vs their O-line-(the Seahores has a better upper hand; they open the gate a bit wider and longer than our 5 hogs).
                  • Falcons defensive line & secondary vs their defensive line & secondary-(the Seahags are coming in with one less weapon on the end, but they still have 2 big aggressive corners).


  1. Falcons coaching staff vs their coaching staff-(our coaching staff might be a bit more creative & experienced than the Seaskanks).






Although Musberger's infatuation with McCarron's girlfriend can only be described as "creepy", I think the most interesting comment he made was (and I paraphrase), "Why would Saban want to leave Alabama where he gets 4 - 5 1st round draft picks every year to go to the NFL where he only gets 1". When you think about it, that's true.
Think about this. For the last seven years, the SEC Championship game has been, in essence, the National Championship game. Maybe they should just wait and make it the last game of the year. (kidding of course, but the BCS game is sort of becoming meaningless)

Gary Hosmer

They should call it the National Blind Date Championship as it never works out and the girl is never as pretty as you were promised.




Doug Nemeth


being an la rams fan..I'm going to act like sec fan...GO NFC WEST!

BSE falcons fans sound a bit nervous


AARON MURRAY STAYS AT UGA AND HE IS APPLAUDED.....HOWEVER WHEN MATT LIENART STAYED AT USC HE WAS CRITICIZED AND CALLED DUMB. So can any of you geniuses explain the difference? Can't wait to heAr the sec bias on this.


I have been an Atlanta resident and Falcon fan for over 35 years. Because of all the disappointment and anguish experienced during the first 30 of those (i.e. no two winning seasons in a row, a 40% winning percentage, et al), I have excused the three recent playoff losses primarily because they were to two Super Bowl winners and a Super Bowl runner up who was within 35 seconds of winning the game.
The excuses have to end this year. Seattle is not a juggernaut; They do not have an Eli Manning, or Kurt Warner or Aaron Rodgers at quarterback. Their receivers are average, they are missing their best pass rusher, the Dome will be rocking, and the Falcons are the better team.
No more excuses.

Gary Hosmer
Go Gators


Dear Chris,


I always enjoyed listening to your show every morning. Your group always does a good job and entertain us very nicely.


I just want to appreciate you and your group !


I know you went thru with your health issues and shared over the radio , and I am very happy that you are well.


I will continue to wish you and pray the best for you and your family in the coming years !


You are really good at what you do , Thank You !


Hope to meet you one day .


Have a very Blessed new year !


Warm regards,







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