"You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time."

Nov 30, 2012 -- 5:04pm

Rude E-Mail bag

Mr. Rude,
I have tried and tried to listen to your morning " sports talk show ". It's been difficult. It's been made more difficult by your insistance on interjecting your whiney liberal attitudes and opinions into the show on a daily basis. Most of the time I just turn off the radio and come back a few days later. I hope while I am tuned out that you will have decided to stick with sports and keep your liberalism to yourself. Hasn't happened. Instead you just seem to ramp up your agenda. And slam Perry for being conservative.
Today did it for me. Your comments on a " white or caucasian day ", as compared to a hispanic or black day or month was a low for even you. And you had to add a remark alluding to the KKK. Where did that come from ? And how does it even remotely relate to sports ? I'm done. No more. If I want sports in the morning, without personal politics I'll listen to 790TheZone.
sorry olddude, i must have missed making the comments you are referring to? in what context and on what day was i talking about "white or caucasian day?" while i find the concept amusing, i certainly don't want to take credit for something i don't remember saying? perry is FAR more guilty of injecting his political agenda into the show. maybe it just feels better when the agenga appeals to your political sensibilities (or lack thereof) when perry spouts it? thanks for taking the time to write
Your bit on "rabbi michael bernstein" this morning was about the funniest 10 minutes I've heard in radio all year. You guys are too much.
As the Georgia Bulldogs pull out all the stops to try and trample the Tide. a local Rabbi offers this prayer to the SEC East Division champs
May the One who guided Vince, Herschel, and Buck Belue
grant victory to their descendants and joy to those who follow them. Give counsel to Mark Richt, accuracy to Aaron Murray, strength to Gurshall and ferocity to the Defense. Halt the momentum of our adversaries, say to them as you related to your servant Job, "The Tide shall come to here and no further." And as for the Irish... Well let's deal with that when the time comes.... So may it be inscribed in the Book of Chronicles and Statistics (the BCS) and the records of the House of Dawg.
Rabbi Michael Bernstein
Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: FOUO

Listening from the iPhone app ALL MORNING! Which apparently is slightly

I was trying to call in for several minutes to answer the 2007 Georgia/Bama
OT game questions!! Been listening since 0630!

That year I was still a student at UGA, flew to Stillwater for Oklahoma State
game, GA/FL, @ Tech, all the home games and BCS Sugar Bowl!

Hook a Military Dawg up with some SEC Championship tickets!!

Daniel R. Bodie
Rude, a native of Atlanta and I have been a fan of your for years, back in your FM days. You have great show and I love your leadership with your team
Ted Schweers

Morning Crew,


Hey Rude, unfortunately I missed your presence at the Twin Peaks on yesterday, but I got the opportunity to meet Matt Chernoff. Great turn out at the Twin Peaks!



Dear Falcons,


I want to apologize for not believing in you guys, to be honest I haven't been the same fan since the “A” whipping we received from Green Bay in the 2010 postseason game. Last night you guys redeemed my confidence level back, and made me a very proud Atlanta Falcons fan. Yes, I emotionally overact sometimes…like a preachers wife in a strip club. But, I only do so because I have such high expectations for you guys. I see the potential in each of you; like thousands of fans I'm just hungry & anxious for a SuperBowl win…hell I might even settle for an NFC Championship appearance. Tease me, excite me…like those Twin Peaks waitresses, so I can proudly wear an NFL football jersey without being ridiculed by grown women in public.


Thank you for making Drew Brees look like a normal QB, Mr. Nolan you are a defensive master mind. You made our last years defense look like “today's” Chicago Bears defense. That’s pure brilliance in my book!


I promise to be a dedicated fan through thick and thin…I will keep an open mind when you guys play like a bunch of blind elderly men on offense. I will stay positive and focus; knowing that you guys will find a way to pull us through the trenches. Please understand, my positive outlook is only contingent until we get one playoff win. If you guys are unable to produce a postseason win this year, don't worry I'm still a life long fan.


But understand though…I might be brain dead fan(from the impact of my .45 caliber pistol), still I will remain a faithful fan for life!









Bj is a great pick up for the Braves! My thoughts are to move Prado to third, Bj to left and go after Victorino to be lead off and center field!






I love the show.


I’m not sure that it is the offensive style that is the reason that A&M has been successful. If others try to duplicate it, I think they will not be as successful. Now I’m a former A&M defensive back, so I may be more than a bit biased, but I think A&M has been successful for a lot of reasons that are more important than offensive style.


<>Sumlin brought discipline, intensity, toughness and a focus on the fundamentals (not unlike Saben)He also brought offensive ingenuity (unlike Saben) by simplifying the offense from the West coast version that Sherman ran.They run up tempo (yes the dangerous up tempo offense according to Saben)The O line is one of the best in the country and they got them in incredible conditionThe players have bought into the system (example: lots of down field blocking, limiting mistakes, believing they can win)They have Johnny Manziel around whom they have tailored the offenseThey also have three running backs that aren’t as big as SEC style backs but are still very physicalSumlin took the players he had and made them better.Even taking Manziel out of the equation, I think it would be difficult for other teams to try and duplicate what Sumlin does.



Have a great day!


Tom Bumgardner



Morning sir,
First, I want to say I love the show and listen every morning. Second, I'm a Crimson Tide fan who also enjoys watching UGA get it done on Saturdays. I've waited for this upcoming Title Game for a long time. However, there is no doubt that UGA will fall to the Crimson Tide. I've watched every game that these two teams have played for the last 15+ years. One thing that I have noticed about Alabama since Nick Saban's arrival (something that UGA lacks) is discipline. UGA plays sloppy and has for as long as I can remember. Whether it's penalties, turnovers, poor communication, or just stupid decisions, UGA always finds a way to lose those one or two critical games. A team lead by Nick Saban is like a machine. He can take a team with less skill and experience and beat a far superior team. The game against Texas A&M was the first game that I have seen in a long time where Alabama played like UGA plays every week.....sloppy. Don't get me wrong, I would love to see UGA get a shot at Notre Dame, but they have to go through my Crimson Tide to get there so I can't support them this week. I pick Alabama by 24.
Oh, and tell Carpetbagger Perry he should accept that USC sucks and hope for better things next year. Ripping Alabama every day isn't going to make his PAC-12 or any other conference any better. It's okay though because there's always next year.........when the SEC wins it all again:)
Thank you for your time.......ROLL TIDE 2012!!!!!!!!
Why are women always jealous of hot girls. It's clear Sandra is not happy w/ the Twin Peaks girls being there.
Tell her to pipe down and go get a doughnut.��

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i know sandra and perry missed me......just like i missed them(LIKE A

Rude let me be brief, remember when Hope Solo was the sexy goalie on
the us womens soccer team. Remember when all the guys were loving
her.....funny how it all changed as soon as everyone found out who she
was dating and now married to. Yes the guy is an idiot, but lets be
real....we all know why the guys like Perry suddenly find Hope Solo
not so hot anymore....

Perry....you can sit there and try to convince yourself ALL DAY long that any of these teams can beat the SEC Champion, but until it happens....you need to take a back seat and bask in the glory of the SEC.....bask in it Perry...
Notre Dame is going to get CRUSHED and you know it.......jealousy is not called the green eyed monster for nothing.....it's a monster Perry.....dont let the monster win....embrace the SEC!!!
Go Dogs!



Schedule: 1. Buffalo (Are they scrimmaging the Bills?) (who the fuck is Buffalo?)

2. MISSOURI (Lol...they lost to Vandy and are 5n5)

3. FAU (Need I say anything)

4. VANDY (another unranked team)

5. TENNESSEE (We all kno

w how good they are this year..they have 3 wins. lol!!)


7.Kentucky (lol...and barely to a one win all year Kentucky team)


9. OLE MISS (a 5 for 5 football team)

10. AUBURN (2 AND 7!!) (Probably the worst team in the NCAA)

11. Georgia Southern (Are they a division 1 school?? lol!!)

12 GT (5n5)


I call Shenanigans!!! HAHA!!!




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