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Nov 21, 2012 -- 2:44pm

Morning Crew,


I want to wish everyone at 680 “The Fan” a safe and joyous Thanksgiving holiday! You guys are a very special cast and crew, and if there’s anything I could ever do to help promote the growth of the station throughout the city of Atlanta or nationally.


Please do not hesitate to contact me, I’m you guys biggest fan!


My holiday picks:

  • UGA over GT (38-27)
  • FSU over Florida (31-45)
  • USC over Notre Dame *upset (41-24)
  • TampaBay Bucs over Atlanta Falcons (31-17)



I've been listening to this show since I moved here in 2009. I believe if I ever hear Perry say one positive thing about Alabama I will run off the road and wreck my car. His arguments might have more credibility if he didn't sound like a Bama hater with an axe to grind because his Trojans stink! I had to listen to the same biased opinions all last year and even when Bama won their second title in three years I still never heard one positive comment about them. It was all LSU and how poorly they played. You're an angry little man, Perry. You hate Bama and the SEC so your subjectivity obscures your argument against the subjectivity of the system. I'm sure if Bama wins it all again you will still be saying they didn't earn it. Haters gonna hate I suppose.

Jim in Woodstock



Dear Christopher,
As many gather with friends and family this weekend to give thanks, the Society of Professional Journalists expresses gratitude for freedom of the press and the outstanding journalism it enables.
In that spirit, we hope you will submit your best work from the last year for the Sigma Delta Chi Awards, which recognize exceptional professional journalism from U.S. media outlets and international SPJ members. The long weekend can be the perfect time to reflect on what you’ve produced in 2012 and prepare award submissions.



I have a few points that I think should be brought up about Perry’s insistence on conference champs being ushered into the championship series.


  1. In the past and today several conferences do not play conference championship games. Big 12 being one of them this year. Having to play an extra game against what is usually a quality opponent can be somewhat unfair to conferences that do have championship games. Until last year PAC-10/12 and Big-10 did not have conference championship games.
  2. In conferences that do not have conference championship games, there have been several examples in the past where three teams have tied for the conference championship with one loss. It happened in 2010 in the Big-10 where Michigan State, Wisconsin, and Ohio State tied for the conference championship with a 7-1 record. Ohio State lost to Wisconsin but did not have Michigan State on their schedule. Michigan State beat Wisconsin but did not play Ohio State. Wisconsin played both and beat Ohio State and lost to Michigan State. All three teams were 11-1 at the end of the season. Who then is more deserving? Is it Michigan State based on the fact that they were 1-0 versus the other two teams, whereas, Wisconsin was 1-1 and Ohio State was 0-1? That year, Wisconsin went to the Rose Bowl (BCS), Ohio State to the Sugar Bowl (BCS) and Michigan State was odd man out, having to go to the Capital One Bowl, even though they were the only team undefeated against the others. The point is, unless ALL conferences have championship games this scenario can and often does play out, where it becomes a beauty contest.
  3. There is also a good argument to be made against Perry’s assertion that the conference championship game winner should automatically be given one of the 4 spots in the upcoming playoff system. Just take this year as an example…would anyone argue that the ACC is a weak conference compared to the others? Does anyone think Georgia Tech is deserving of a chance to play in the national championship tournament? I don’t, even if they were to get amazingly lucky and beat Florida State, they should not be invited to be one of the 4 or even 8 teams in a future playoff scenario. NO WAY! This is not March Madness where 68 teams can earn a berth. Most people agree that even in March Madness it is very unfair for a team that goes undefeated in a small conference during the regular season then loses in the Conference Tournament not be rewarded with a birth in March Madness for performing well over the course of an entire season, but losing one game in a weekend tournament to a sub-500 team that ends up in the field of 68. That is essentially the same argument Perry is in favor of. It is wrong, wrong, wrong, and even more so when you only have a small number of teams in the field.
  4. Last, I cannot understand his love for Oregon, it is so apparent. Instead of him trying to tear down all the teams like Florida saying they should not make it because they did not make it to their conference championship game. He should be giving one good reason why he keeps insisting Oregon should be there. Last I checked, unless something changes Oregon will not be in its conference championship game either. If Stanford beats UCLA, then they play in the championship game against…who else but UCLA again the following week, and how much of a travesty would it be in Perry’s world if Stanford beats UCLA this week, then loses to them the following week? In Perry’s world UCLA would be deserving of a birth in the playoffs based on their win in the second game. He needs to realize while his position may be admirable in a perfect world it is flat out wrong in the real world.


Bottom line, an 8 team playoff system would be most ideal, so I agree with Perry there, but that is about it. The teams that make up that group of 8 should be the best eight teams (or as close as you can get), and if three come from the SEC or another power conference in the future, then so be it. If there are teams like Florida State that are outside the top 8 in the BCS but are clearly deserving of a spot then they should get one, and in that case if I had to choose between the #2 or 3 team in the SEC and #1 in the ACC, then I go with #1 in the ACC, since they are so close, but I limit the mandates of conference champions because of GA Tech (above) and other possible and likely scenarios.


If things play out like they should then here is what an 8 team playoff should look like…


  1. Notre Dame (they beat USC and deserve the #1 ranking)
  2. Alabama (Beat GA in title game so they are the best team in the best conference, quality wins vs. LSU, Michigan, and one play away from being undefeated)
  3. Florida State (best win vs. Fla and wins ACC championship and one play away from being undefeated)
  4. Oregon (beats Oregon State and tough loss vs Stanford, and a play or two away from being undefeated)
  5. Kansas State (wins Big-12 with win vs. Texas but lost BIG to Baylor)
  6. Stanford (winner against USC and Oregon and PAC-12 champ)
  7. Nebraska (beats Wisconsin again in Big-10 champ, 2-loss team as deserving as any other 2-loss team and they won their conference)
  8. Pick from among 4 SEC teams (GA, FLA, LSU, TA&M all with 2 losses, probably the toughest decision of all)


Thanks for reading…


Kerry M. Johnson


Would somebody tell Perry that under his conference scenario that Tech could be playing for the natl championship. And while you are at it put him and Kincade on the same show so we can get all the hatin out at one time

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