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Nov 16, 2012 -- 12:42pm
Here's one from Letterman you can use Rude
General Petraeus was caught having an affair with his biographer. In the future the only person he will be having sex with is his autobiographer.
Gary Hosmer
Go Gators
yo rude its been several years since i compared your voice to Pernell Roberts of "Bonanza" have you had a chance to check it out? (smile)


Everybody wants a playoff in college football, now if we can just ALL agree on what the best playoff scenario...

I have two things that seem to be over looked about college football and an 8 team playoff.


While listening to your show today and ideas on a BCS playoff I noticed that nobody mentioned a "bad conference champ fail safe". Yes, if you win your conference you should be included in the 2018 8 team playoff, but what happens if a 2011 6-6 UCLA wins the PAC-12? Or a 7-5 FSU wins the 2005 ACC? They should adopt the same criteria that qualifies Notre Dame for the BCS, where your conference champ needs to have a minimum ranking.

My second thought that is rarely talked about is the difference between playing someone in your 1st game or a bowl game vs. the regular season.Your 1st game you can focus on your opponent much more than games 2 – 12. Bowl games, especially January games give a team 30 to 40 days to prepare.So if you run a special offense, like Oregon or GT, you are at a disadvantage because you can alter your defense to stop it.Where playing on a weekly schedule you may play a LSU who will pound you, a Tennessee who will throw the ball everywhere than UGA who is more balanced.An 8 team playoff would give a much better representation of the best team because you would need to be able to adjust to whoever you were playing.


Just my thoughts.

Russ Policky


Like Tim Tebow or not, he's the most talked about back-ups in football...

I am a GA fan and FL hater. but Tebow wins football games. It may not be pretty but he finds a way with his instincts and athleticism.


Jason Cofar is the "producer" of The Rude Awakening on 680 The Fan. As most folks know, he is a Bama fan. Wears his tattered Bama cap EVERYDAY and doesn't shave til the season is over. He loves it when you send him E-Mail like this...



As a fellow Alabama graduate and fan, I feel for you man. How in the world do you work with and listen to Perry each and every day. I was listening this AM and really got sick to my stomach listening to him bash Alabama. I mean the guy knows nothing about football and if you listen to him it shows. How in the world did he get a spot on your station? I am sure Dickey broadcasting can do much better than this air bag. I swear he is a waste of radio time.

It must hurt him so bad that we are on top of the world AGAIN and his beloved USC Trojans are HORRIBLE!!!

All I heard all summer was who would play USC for the National Championship. They had the best QB, the best receivers, best RB’s, blah blah. They are a prefect example of why no one outside the SEC understands you have to play defense to win Championships. Oregon will find that out once again this year.


Oh well, tell Perry he can hate all he wants but Bama is still #1 and even though we had an off night we won in the toughest place to play a night game in the country.


Roll Tide!!!!






To those of you who might be in panic mode over the possible loss of the Hostess Twinkie, fear not, according to TRA listener Sid Hawthorne!

Hi Chris,

I wouldn’t panic about the loss of Hostess Twinkies. It is very likely that this is a legal maneuver by Hostess that will allow them to avoid living up to their obligations to the labor force. They will resurface as a “new” parent company, thus nullifying the labor agreement that they have with their employees. The employees will get a letter letting them know that the new company would like to “hire” them, but the wages and benefits will be significantly lower.


Sid Hawthorne

Thanks Sid, Perry has been sweatin' cream filling all week over this story! 

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