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Nov 10, 2012 -- 1:18pm

Mr. Rude


I would like to tell you how much I enjoy listening to your show each morning while driving to work, especially your dry humor and antagonistic comments. I am retiring at the end of the year after fifty years of long hours on the job so I probably will not be as frequent a listener as before.


Please tell l Mr Finnernan how far he has progressed as a media personality. I thoroughly enjoyed his interview with the commissioner. His questions were short and to the point unlike the bozos we endure on ESPN and others whose questions are so drawn out that the person being interviewed losses track of what the question really was about.


Keep up the good work and good luck!!!


Dan Barkhouser

Cumming, Ga



Perry is a hypocrite, He trash talks Nick Seban, Then pulls for Lame Kiffin! Wow! Roll Tide Roll!
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My mid-season prediction for the Dallas Cowboys is simple…you will finish in mediocrity just like the previous season as long as you have Jerry Jones as an owner. His micro management style and decisions have consistently damaged a once proud dynasty.
Chuck Williams(Cowboys fan since 1963)
Hi Rude,

This is your Auburn friend at . I've not called or emailed before but I listen every day. Just heard the Auburn talk and how the fans are ashamed and are in hiding. This is not just a bad year, it's a horrifically embarrassing year and is unacceptable. I still wear my auburn "stuff" out and about. Last weekend at the grocery store, some guy in a Florida shirt said to me, you still wearing THAT shirt? I said yep and I will till the day I die.

I dont know If Chizik should go or not, but it really doesn't matter what I think. I do know we can NOT have another year like this one.....please.

War Eagle Always

Auburn Annie

Hey Rude,


Love the show! However, I guess when I was sick I missed an announcement. Where is Leo?? I loved him being on the show. Not to say that Bfinn isn’t doing a great job! Was Leo just around for the basball season? Thank you guys for a great ride to work every morning.




Troy Womack


Why does New Orleans continue to get Super Bowls with there 37 year old piece of c*%p stadium, just curious. You don’t see the commissioner trying to hold up the tax payers of New Orleans for a new stadium. Oh wait there are no tax payers in New Orleans.


Remember when you used to get calls saying the Falcons should have kept Vick and that Matt Ryan was no Michael Vick
Vick - career record as a starter 56 - 41 (57%)
Ryan - career record as a starter 51- 19 (72%)
The way things are going Ryan will surpass him in wins in 5 seasons - this is Vick's 10th
Vick - career QB rating - 80.7 (and dropping)
Ryan - career QB rating - 90.3 (and rising)
I know you likely won't do it, but since Finneran played with both, you could get some spirited talk going if he were to comment on their respective:
- preparation
- accuracy
- reading defenses
- leadership
- dedication, etc.

Gary Hosmer
Go Gators


Where's Leo at? I have been listening for a long time! I have enjoyed you on there since you started the morning show. I'm one of those females that loves sports. I have been missing Leo hadn't heard anything about where is at. Thanks for the entertainment in the morning drive.


It is offensive, deeply so, that you unthinkingly play the anthem celebrating John Brown's fanaticism as innocuous background music while setting up something about college football for discussion.
If I were in your position as a radio host somewhere in Chicago and played Dixie in a similar manner, the expectation would be to expect protest due to the manner in which the South's regional national anthem has been portrayed by Marxists in their never ending crusade to pit the races against each other. It is offensive that you play John Brown's Body as background music when that song epitomizes the oppression, subjugation, and military occupation of the South during the War of Northern Aggression, and it is callous, bigotted, and at the very least exhibits an indifference to regional sensibilities or at the most a callous disregard for the consciousness of Southern people.
I request that you at least play Jed Marum's "John Brown's Dance" to set matters right.
Deo Vindice
Kenneth Smith
Monroe, Louisiana


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