Rude Awakening listeners sound-off (E-mail)

Nov 02, 2012 -- 12:57pm
Remember what assume stands for. At least 5 times in 10 minutes you guys talked about Ga v Alabama in the Dome. I believe Bama still has to play the #5 ranked team in the most hostile environment in college football at 8:00 at night. I agree it is likely they will be there but this game is certainly not a given.
Gary Hosmer
Go Gators

Mr. Rude. I see now where you got your name.


I am a long time listener and fan of your show and 680 The Fan in general. I do not call in very often but today wanted to make a comment on the UGA-Florida Game. I waited patiently, on hold through two segments and three lengthy commercials because I felt I had something worthwhile to contribute. I am a Georgia alum, thirty-year season ticket holder, and have attended the UGA-Florida game for almost thirty consecutive years. I support my university financially. I played the game of football myself and my Dad was a varsity high school head football coach and athletic director. I do therefore, believe I am capable of making intelligent, worthwhile comments on the sport, this game and your show.


This morning, after this extended wait, I barely was able to to get my initial thought out before you, very rudely, just hung up the phone - all because I initially disagreed with you. If you had bothered to allow me to continue, you would have found that I ultimately agreed with you in the most part. You would not allow me to make the statement that Georgia has to maintain this level of consistency with discipline if we are to compete on the same level as Alabama.


Yes, you get quite a few uninformed bozos to call in on your show. I am not one. I am also no longer a fan of your show. Your treatment of me to today was very rude, Mr. Rude. You have much to learn - as does Georgia.


Michael D. Wood

Hey Rude, love the show. Other than penalties, the only sloppy play was a couple of bad throws by Murray. But, all those UF turn overs were not the result of sloppy play. That was the UF offense getting slobber knocked! 5 of 6 TOs were forced. And that was a beautiful thing.


Jay Thomas

Hey Rude, I am originally from Ga., now in Utah. I used to listen to you on 96 Rock back in the day.


Been listening to the show on 680 lately at work and love it. I am a big Dawgs fan.


Just one thing that perplexes me: Do people actually listen to that Country Music sh%$? I’ve written better songs that most of those.


Anyway, GO DAWGS!!!! Back to the Dome in December.


Thank you and regards,

David White


Rude, please tell Perry to shut up this morning he has no clue what he's talking about!
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Also tell him to shut up about USC, Roll Tide Roll!

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Strand Theatre. Marietta square on Saturday night
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Patty Totaro <> wrote:

hey rude- good morning!
just getting into my car about 10-15 min ago- you mentioned something going on this weekend with Pat Metheny and the Radiohead project? I googled it but found nothing- can you give me more info?


Patricia Totaro, CPA

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