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Oct 12, 2012 -- 3:12pm

Lots of E-mail from Atlanta Fans after the Braves were eliminated by the Cardinals...
many times it is a reaction to what is heard on talk radio. after every home loss some player, coach or both are blamed by the host.
Listening to the show this morning and it’s mostly what I expected. The Braves fans actions were disgraceful, can’t have it both ways sit on their hands fans vs the passion of that moment, etc etc.


Here’s the question posed by a friend of mine. Has there ever been an instance in a game of that magnitude where the coach pulls his players off the field until such time as the play is reversed, in way of protest?


While many can say that the braves did it to themselves that night in leaving so many on base, the umpires did not help the mood with their shaky at best interpretation of the rules. Bunt, runner interference call, and the infield fly. The other side of that coin, but a lot more common was the time call on David Ross at bat.


Not sure if you caught it afterwards, but adding insult to injury, the press conference with Joe Tory and the crew shammed baseball for being as one caller put it today, “the crotchety old man, that refuses to change”. At least have enough stones to be like the first base ref from the Jimenez botched call no hitter, and admit you made an error. To the man, they all lied and said that was exactly the right call.


Keep up the good work, enjoy the station.


Zane Reece


Regarding the infield fly call Friday night... here is my problem: in
every arena other than officiating and politics, adults are required
to take responsibility for their mistakes. If you make an egregious
gaffe on the air, Dickey Broadcasting would at least require your
apology and at worst relieve you of your job. In my position if I make
mistakes I get called on the carpet for it. We rightly expect Chipper
Jones and other braves to accept responsibility for their loss because
of blown opportunities Friday night. Mistakes happen. Errors Happen.
That's the human element. I can live with a bad call, but it is harder
to live with the ongoing defense of that call. Why are umpires not
required to acknowledge their mistakes, take responsibility and be
accountable the way the rest of us are. There is no way Joe Torre is
okay with that call if he is in the opposing dugout so for him to
defend the call is ludicrous. Umpires are human and therefore
imperfect but this call is indefensible and I simply wish somebody, an
umpire or representative from the commissioners office would
acknowledge that reality.




I freely admit the fans could have called down a bit much more quickly on Friday, however I can't believe, given both your's and Perry's comments this morning, that either of you remember the not too distant past when both of you were murdering the fans of Atlanta about not exhibiting any fan spirit when it came to 1) going to games & 2) showing their passion.

Please make up your minds what you want and quit going for the easy jumping on the bashing bandwagon of sportscasters who just go for the ratings.




We expect Fans to have a lot of passion for the game, the radio stations drive up the frenzy and have snarky remarks for unemotional fans, and then we get upset when they react to something negative and that is perceived wrong. You expect a frenzied crowd to use judgment when the umpire does not. Perry is of course the always right overlord.


"Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay then it's not the end"- Paulo Coelho


Life long cardinals fan and was at the game Friday. First, the city of Atlanta shined on Friday. The place was packed and loud. Second, my own experience was fantastic. While clearly supporting different teams, after the game several times I was approached and congratulated. Third, the call. Let me ask a question, when the umpire makes the in field fly call, does he yell out the out? When you watch the replay, the arm goes up and then the shortstop jumps away. Did the umpire impact the player? Anyway, we all agree it was a poor call but once it is made you can not reverse it. Like conceding a putt, if then the tap in is missed it is to late, the putt was conceded. Lastly, the fans reaction to the call was great. The best thing about Atlanta is I can get great tickets to any sporting event because often times the city does not support the team. The worst thing is sitting in a half empty, apathetic crowd. Not Friday. That place was alive. Yes if somebody got hurt that would be bad but what is the big deal if a crowd supports their team. As near as I could tell the only negative was a lot of really expensive and really good beer got wasted. Go Cards!



There is never an excuse to throw things on the field, but this was the low point and culmination of years of failures. I understand the outburst which doesn’t make it right. But, last year’s collapse of a 10 ½ game blown lead, the Falcon’s 2 points against the Giants in the playoffs, the blow out at the hands of the Packers the year before , Joe Johnson’s 4 points every playoff appearance and the Hawks lackluster playoffs year after year, etc etc etc. The left on bases, the errors and unearned runs, were enough, but the call was the last straw and the fans couldn’t take anymore ! This had been building for years, and the expanding balloon of lackluster appearances finally burst.


Don’t know if it is true but heard that the ump at the Braves game was the same ump who ejected McGuire for arguing strikes back in the height of the race with Sosa that resulted in ST Louis fans throwing their complimentary seat cushions on to the field delaying the game.



atlanta sports fans are tired of philly fans getting all the credit
media to blame for portraying atl fans as passionless
hooliganism isnt just for soccer fans sir-ee bob
if i want to throw a mini bottle at an umpire that's my prerogative...i paid for the ticket
i want my kids to see the importance of standing up for what you believe in
rude stop being such a pacifist cant tell me you never demonstrated against the vietnam war
it was wrong and so was that call last night
we were just having fun at the game...everybody around me was throwing stuff on the field so we did too
that's called the herd mentality or mob mentality




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