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Jul 25, 2014 -- 1:44pm
Great show today.

Once my wife gave me the excuse "I can't , I have a gyno appointment tomorrow." The next words I said " do you have a dentist appointment ?" Didn't get laid for awhile after that one.

See ya

Allen Randall

South Carolina winning the title....Lmao....and johnny Football is the dumbest nickname in sports just like teddy ballgame Or donny baseball.  What next LeBron basketball Or sidney hockey?  How about Serena tennis Or Rory Golf....



You guys are missing the boat on Pluto. First, I'm a planetary geologist. To us, a planet is any natural spherical body that orbits the sun not under the primary gravitational influence of another body, i.e. the Moon is a moon rather than a planet. So there are actually many more than nine planets. But yes, astronomers have their own terminology. But they didn't say that Pluto isn't a planet, they reclassified it, and the asteroid Ceres, as Dwarf Planets. I've always understood Dabo to be a very bright man. He could have chosen any planets, but he specifically said that he was from a planet associated with the God of War. On the other hand, Spurrier is from a Dwarf Planet associated with the Roman equivalent of Satan. So he was calling Spurrier small, insignificant, and evil. It's actually Spurrier's response that shows ignorance.

Suddenly this guy is a marginal player.  Didnt he win co defensive player in the supposedly mighty SEC?  THE GUY IS GAY BIG FUCKING DEAL.  HEY SKELETOR(DUNGY), WAS IT A DISTRACTION WHEN YOU BECAME THE FIRST BLACK COACH IN COLTS HISTORY?  I bet if the patriots had drafted Sam, nothing would have been said. Leave that Man alone.



Don't you wish we had a time machine so we could skip through the 2014 and 2015 seasons and let Perry get his wish to watch his beloved Trojans get their shot at the Tide. God I hope I'm still alive in two years

"Under the Skin" an absolutely horrible movie, but you do get full frontal and backal (sic) nudity of ...ready for this:
Scarlett Johannson.  
It is actually a recent movie.  Very avant garde - but in my mind ridiculous movie.  Plot is insane.  You explain it to me
Her body, by the way, is several notches down the scale from her face.  A bit chubby from the waist down actually
Gary Hosmer
Go Gators
Hey Rude,
In regards to Lebron's and the Cavaliers' chances to win the NBA crown, "What's Love got to do with it?"
Tina Turner,d.cWc&psig=AFQjCNFLFBrGjpb01LX57Xyb0LG6_4E4KQ&ust=1405771835635182
Rude, it's not like when you and I were kids. An ounce of pot cost about $400 these days. If you were to smoking ounce of pot in a week you'd become comatose. An ounce of pot would last you or at least me about a year now.
All that being said, if Auburn doesn't care about its players smoking pot then so what. It's not like they're really having to study hard.

Good afternoon Rude,

Hope all is well. I’ve been a listener of years for a long time  - back to the 96 Rock days. I was surprised this a.m. when you mentioned The Planets by G. Holst. I love that piece/suite with ‘Mars’ as my favorite. It has real gravitas and I think most folks would be surprised to know how often it is used in movies. All that said, I recently released a CD of instrumental music based on the science fiction book, ‘Perelandra’ by CS Lewis. Each piece corresponds to a chapter/theme/character in this rather odd book. It is by no means in the realm of talent as Holst, but I thought you might enjoy it – a decent trip into the experimental/space rock realm. Below is the website and a code for a free download of the music, liner notes, etc. Hope you enjoy.


Mark Wallace Maguire

Hey Rude,
I wanted to let you know that I appreciate being able to listen to you on-line. After being laid off from my job of 31 years in Atlanta and being out of work for 7 months I have taken a contract position in New Jersey. After being here a few weeks I really missed listening to your show everyday and remembered the mention of listening at work and found the website. It's a little bit of heaven each morning as I log on to catch the show. I hope to find something in range of the show in the near future but doing what I need to for now and appreciate the show being available to me long distance.
Darrell (formally of Marietta)
Go Dawgs!=
Perry at the Oscars
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