Mel & Rude

Jul 25, 2014 -- 1:43pm
  • Christopher Rude Meet "Mel" This is the first time I've ever met Mel. I was thrilled! Mel, not so much?
  • Larry Spearman Is that THE Mel?
  • Christopher Rude thats THE Mel!
  • Mark A. Ray ROO ROO, maybe you can get him to meet HeyWOOD
  • Joey Peters Rude - I thought for years he was some crabby old black guy. Not at all what I expected
  • Jay H Bischoff classic roo roo, just classic..that's your first meeting with mel? Must have 'spoken' (or more like listened to) to him a thousand times.
  • Billy Wyatt Jun Kinnnkaaaade you is still a carpet bagger
  • Paul JustPaul That totally ruins the mental picture I had of him.

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