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Christopher Rude's Blogarrhea

Aug 28, 2015 -- 6:03pm

Rude's Blogarrhea

...through the past, darkly. Sports news and notes. Scribbling ripped directly from the tattered notebook of Christopher Rude
The Judge described it as "making a legal mountain out a legal molehill" as Michael Jordan picks up $8.9 million from a now defunct grocery store for using his name to sell discounted steaks. This is how the rich stay rich. $8.9 million today will buy ya about 10 steaks
Another fan is hit by a line drive or a broken bat. MLB players must be getting tired of sending fans to the hospital. Unfortunately, you can't blame it entirely on the fans for "not paying attention" to the game. When you create a fun, family atmosphere at the ballpark your attentions are divided. That's part of the joy of going to the game. That means you have to protect the fans from themselves
The Jets got popped for 17 penalties in the preseason game against the Falcons. 10 penalties in the first half and they still won the game! I know, R-E-L-A-X its just the preseason...
Collin Mooney & Terron Ward, two young Falcons to keep an eye on
Steve Sarkisian is sorry. I'm sorry too. Mixing drugs and alcohol indicates one thing, you're a poor decision maker. Party On Wayne. Party On Garth.
The moratorium on Jason Pierre Paul jokes is over now that JPP is joking about it himself
No matter how feeble it may sound, have you ever had to put a curse, hex or whammy on someone? Did it work? That's what happened to Tiger Woods. A fan felt disrespected by Tiger so he put a curse on him to never win another major and so far, it's working! 
The NFL says Cris Carter's "Fall Guy" comments were inappropriate. Is that why they left the comments (video) up on NFL.com for 14 months? I wonder if they blamed the webmaster or at least suspended him/her for 4 games?
Falcons owner & Chairman Arthur M. Blank announced that Mercedes Benz will be the naming rights partner for the new stadium. Maybe now, I won't have to take out a second mortgage to be able to afford to go to the games?
Peyton Manning claims he has no feeling in his fingertips. However, it comes in real handy he's slingin' hot pizzas.
Michael Vick a Steeler! You Gotta Love It on SO many levels!
Big Ben isn't concerned about any of Vick's past transgressions?? Really? What about Vick? Did anybody bother to ask him whether he's concerned about Ben's past transgressions??
Bears TE Martellus Bennett admits sometimes he doesn't like Cutty. Sometimes he does. You're a better man than me. I've never liked Jay Cutler...
Redskins OLB Junior Gallette has a torn Achilles. Coach Gruden expects him to be ready to play in the season opener. "Look, I just work here, MAN!"
Line of the week. When asked about the beating he took and why he was left in a preseason game RG3 said "Look, I just work here, MAN!" How many times have you uttered those very words during the course of a lifetime! 
Media cautioned not to read too much into Rex Grossman's visit. This was the biggest laugh I got out of Falcon's camp all week! Although, I have to admit, when I heard Coach Whisenhunt (Titans) shooting down the Mettenberger trade rumors I thought for sure Zach was a goner
College Football voice Gus Johnson admits he wanted to name his daughter after Bo Schembechler. Bo Schembechler Johnson. I like John Jacob Jingleheiner Johnson better
Advertising is all about winning the top of mind battle. If you've got a good product HAMMER IT! Ask the folks who are good at it, Jason Joel (Mall of Georgia Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram) Jay Cunningham (Superior Plumbing) ME (DrRoof.com)
FSU lands Amy Schumer? Good they need some help on the defense.
Bucs RB Doug Martin doesn't want to be referred to by his nickname anymore...Muscle Hamster. Cool, can I borrow it for my Fantasy Football team name?
The Ronda Rousey/ Floyd Mayweather trash talking has been cute. Now, either Fight, Sleep together OR move on! Unless, this is all a ruse to promote the most lucrative PPV double bill of all time!
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Rude E-Mail

Aug 28, 2015 -- 5:01pm
“Roger Goodell is doing such a s&*$ job as commissioner, he should be president”
 Rudy C
On Michael Bennett whining about what QBs make...
This guy is a cry baby.
I’d trade jobs with him in a heartbeat.
There is an old expression.
“You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate”
 Rudy C
I would have to agree Rudy. I do love it when millionaires snivel about other millionaires earn.
hey rude heard a car commerical over the radio and the dealer said "Hey Jude" by the beetles was first recorded in the US in 1968. i thought the beetles came here in 1964 on the ed sullivan show. so it took four years to record their first hit in america? whats up! lol! love ya man!
Love ya Walter! I know you sent this to test my "Beetles" knowledge
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Apparently some Steelers fans aren't happy?

Aug 28, 2015 -- 4:42pm

Some Steelers fans are not happy

Christopher Rude's photo.