Rude's Weekly E Mail

Jul 24, 2015 -- 4:10pm
1.  Interesting coincidence that right after Finneran commented that perhaps Julio wasn't worth Dez Bryant money because of his inability to get in the end zone, we hear Finn's 680 intro with the announcer crying "...and Finneran makes the catch and is tackled at the ONE''.  Hmmm.  Can't you guys at least find a sound bite where our man scores...Sheesh
2.  Ooh, everyone is so upset with the actions of the crowd at the soccer game in the dome.  If I'm not mistaken we had a guy beaten to death (or brain dead) outside a baseball game.  Eagles fans are notorious for throwing urine and beer on opposing fans.  Language at almost all types of games is absolutely atrocious with little kids and grandmas within earshot (at least at soccer games we can't understand the curse words).  If I remember correctly 10 cent beer night and miniature bat nights didn't go so well in the old days.  Numerous fans have been severely injured under the crush of falling goal posts, after being told to stay off the field.  Fights erupt on a regular basis at games.  Need I go on.  Judge not lest ye be judged 
Gary Hosmer  
Good point Gary. We talked about this on The Rude Awakening. We like to pretend we're a bit more civil in this country.
what up rude! man i guess i'm just a country boy who grew up in Fayetteville, N.C. in the 70's watching "The Andy Griffith Show, Brady Bunch, Leave it To Beaver, Big Valley and Petty Coat Junction but i love the way ole Jimbo Fisher uses certain words.  Was listening to him the other day and i just had a few questions for ya... how long is a hair taller, how big is a hair bigger, and how fast is a hair faster and how does one measure a hair as it relates to bigger taller and faster. hahahaha!  just kidding. but i really do love to hear coaches talk like that. i guess he hung around Bobby to long. Reminds me of ole Sheriff Andy Taylor. i love ya rude. you're da best!
All valid questions Walter.
BTW Goober says "Hey"
Colin is a liberal democrat and even says so on his show.   That is what Democrats do.
Categorize and criticize by grouping people.   Joe Biden said you cannot go to a street corner 7-11 without running into an Indian person behind the counter.
Herd will say the % of latin players is growing and will continue to grow in MLB.   Will say they know how to play the game.   Do not micro manage, get out of the way and let them play.
Dear No Name,
I love when folks use an individuals perceived political persuasion to categorize and criticize.
I used to go up there every Fall with my wife and another couple.
It’s a beautiful place.
It’s magical.
Every baseball fan should make that trip at least once.
Rudy C
Thanks Rudy C, Cooperstown in on my bucket list
Jesus, it was one homerun at the end of July.
His first!
Is this that big a deal??
 Rudy C
...with all due respect, Nick hadn't hit a home run since September of 2014...yes, it was a big deal! I'm all about POSITIVE reinforcement. The Negative Nellie's and the Debbie Downers of the management world are dragging productivity DOWN


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Congrats to Alex Morgan

Jul 24, 2015 -- 4:08pm

EA Sports has announced that Alex Morgan has landed the cover (along with Lionel Messi) of the upcoming "FIFA 16" game. 
"It is an incredible honor to be one of the first women featured on the cover of EA SPORTS 'FIFA,'" said Morgan. "I know people all over the world play this game and I'm really excited that "FIFA 16" is putting such an important spotlight on women's soccer. And now to share the cover with today's greatest player is surreal."

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Do not make fun of another team when your team is going through a re-tooling year

Jul 24, 2015 -- 4:07pm
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  • Adam Levin That's fantastic!
  • Matt Hall Nice.
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  • Sumner Waite III Those girls must be visiting from the southeast
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  • Spieth dares to drink from the Claret Jug

    Jul 24, 2015 -- 4:05pm

    Jordan Spieth dares to drink from the Claret Jug

    Christopher Rude's photo.
    • Ben B. White III He seems very comfortable with his hands and mouth in those positions. Guess he's a Giver.......
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    • John Paul Harris I have a bigger problem with grown men with their hats on backward.
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    • Greg Thompson · 3 mutual friends
      I give him a little bit of a break because he's only 21. But grown men, I agree. Grow up and quit trying to be cool.
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    • Danny Tankersley · Friends with Jeff Evens and 6 others
      Great kid, stayed and watched the playoff. Not many would have done that...let him celebrate with his friend Zach....geez
    • Danny Tankersley · Friends with Jeff Evens and 6 others
      Plus he had to turn his hat on backward to drink!
    • Greg Thompson · Friends with David Erwin and 2 others
      Your right big fella!
    • Jeff Klaes Great pic!!! So cool!!
    • Greg Thompson · 3 mutual friends
      He is my favorite golfer right now. Class act.

      Joe Paterno Beer

      Jul 24, 2015 -- 4:00pm

      The Joe Paterno legacy beer has already exceeded the expectations of Mark Dudash, of Duquesne Brewing Company, and Jay Paterno, had for the initial sales of the red lager. "Basically, it's a red lager with a mild caramel taste, very smooth," Dudash told "We used 100 percent two-row barley. It gives you a really smooth taste with no aftertaste on your tongue.
      "It's smooth as silk. It's not going to be overly hopped, but it's going to have a mild bite to it, just enough. It's going to be a very, very drinkable beer that you can just enjoy."

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      Rude's Weekly E Mail

      Jun 17, 2015 -- 11:57am
      The three outs in the eighth inning are just as important and the three outs in the ninth inning.
      Rudy C
      Hey Rude,
      I applaud your white listener, who wrote in with his ire about us whities not being given our due, athletically.
      I thank him for saying how he is "getting angry" and for taking the time to point out, that if the same thing were said against black people, they would be "breaking the windows" at the studio.
      Perhaps, that is why they are more athletic, they apparently put a lot more energy into their disagreements.
      Al Campanis
      White people protest
      hey rude you own a resturant and you're full to capacity, you only have one table left for a customer who do you give that table to michael jordan, jim brown or Lebron james. lol!
      love ya babe!
      The difference between an annulment and a divorce is that a divorce says that a contract occurred and it must be cut up. An annulment on the other hand says there never was a contract to begin with based on some form of breach, fraud, duress etc. (You swore that you were a woman!) PS: consummation and or the length of time for the filing can be a factor but it's not determinative. Sent from my iPhone
      If LeBron wins the championship with this supporting cast, it has to be the single greatest season in history.  McHale and Parrish vs Delavedova (sic) and Shumpert.  Abdul Jabbar and Worthy vs Shumpert and J.R. Smith (sic), Pippin and Kucoc vs Delavedova (sic) and J.R. Smith, Wade and Bosh vs Delavedova (sic) and Tristan Thompson.  Ya get the point.
      Also, the Warriors are obviously playing very tight.  They are missing shots they hit all year long, so they are taking bit of a far.  
      ______________  Gary Hosmer 
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