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Rude E-Mail

May 22, 2015 -- 11:23am
Hey Rick,
If the Hawks are able to pull off the impossible and advance to the Finals, I think the MVP for this series should be Kelly Olynyk, the Celtic's player who dislocated Kevin Love's shoulder.
Your close friend,
Al from Brandsmart.
Hey Al,
It's "Chris."
Your close friend,
Please read this 
1.  There has only been one time in NBA history that a team has lost its first two games at home and then gone on to win the series, and it’s never happened in a seven-game series!!!!! (it was in a 5 game series.)
So to say that Friday's game is critical would be just a slight understatement
2.  Based on #1, I believe it is crucial that the Hawks subscribe to the Leo Mazzone school of injury management for Demarre, which is of course....give him a shot and put him him back out there Friday.  Based on statistics, he will have four months to recover from a bone bruise - I think that is sufficient time.
Gary Hosmer 
Thanks Gary, I know you a "numbers" guy and I always trust that your numbers (research) are correct, so don't let me down
Good morning... Glad Hozier is getting some love on your show- even if you're totally making fun of it... Seriously listen to the album- if you like blues you'll love the album. 
His lyrics are deeper than the one song that gets played to death on the radio. 

Other bands you need to give a listen to: 

The National 

Alberta Cross 



Just a few of my favorites... Music today is not dead... Though pop music is giving this generation a bad rap... 

Go Hawks! So excited about the east finals- missing the A everyday since I transferred up to Stamford Connecticut. 

Have a good day bro and tell Domino and Hometeam I said hello... 
Glad to hear you mentioned Grizzly Bear- they're really good too. One of the best concerts I've been to actually. 
When you talk to Charles Barkley this morning, you should tell him Chad and Amy said hello. We worked with him at Turner and my wife used to be the lead PA for Inside the NBA, and I was Sr. Art Director at Turner.
We moved up here a couple years back, when I took a job with NBC- I'm the art director for NASCAR here, and my wife now works for Facebook- so she loves that you always give FB love instead of Twitter.
I love listening to the show every morning- it's a little piece of home while living up here in the greater NYC area. 
Have a good one Rude, GO HAWKS!
The Rude one,
I have recently relocated to New Jersey but still listen to 680 The Fan on both my Mobile App and Streaming live in the office. When I do listen to the local radio sports talk it’s usually your affiliate WFAN 101.9. I wanted you to know that the talk in the New York area is how an Atlanta Hawks NBA final would be the worst case scenario. They cite the poor Atlanta sports fan base for the reason and consider Atlanta one of the worst sports town in the US. I have taken offense to their opinion but note I have not heard this discussion on national sports TV or radio stations. Perhaps you could mention this to your loyal listeners and make sure the “poor fan base” can let themselves be heard.
Good luck Hawks!  
Darrell Easterwood
I imagine they're starving for story lines in New York. The "Atlanta is a lousy sports town" story line always works when there's nothing else to talk about.
Google foxes and fossils. Older guys with daughter and friend band. These folks are great. You as a musician and father should appreciate this. I've got a 15 yr old daughter that daddy will expose her to this. Love the morning show! Bruce
Thanks for the tip Bruce, I will sure to check them out. I ways always the kid looking for the cool, new bands and I'm the same kid today!

Grettings, Mr. Rude,
This is The Deflator..............
Ever since this whole Tom Brady thing "aired," I've been on "pins" and needles.
I'd like to just have some time to breathe, or at least exhale.
My job here, as the deflator for the World Champion Patriots, seems to be at its end.  I'd like to be more optimistic, but as you might guess, I tend to look at life as being half empty, as opposed to my step/half brother, the inflator, who looks at it as half full.
As a 74 year old, the odds of me landing another job as a deflator with any other NFL teams, especially considering all the media attention, seems "flat," at best.
When I first got started as a deflator, I had answered and ad in the local paper, that required no experience, and this brash young kid jumped right at it.
That ad was for a Mr. Knute Rockne.  Kind fellow.  Used my services to help out a youngster named George Gipp, who later became our 40th President. 
Some years later, I signed on with a Vincent Lombardi.  I think he eventually went into the trophy business.
Well, anyway, I now find myself at the center of this controversy and it's hard for me to be pumped up about work, anymore; not that I ever was.
Do you think it's possible for me to swap jobs with one of your employees.  You see, the Patriots will have to replace me with a blowhard, to prevent any future under-inflated balls and I understand that Chris Dimino fits that bill, perfectly.
What do you say?
Let me know by text.  It seems more secure that way.
The Deflator
Christopher Rude 680 The Fan Rude2@aol.com
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Brady fretting over Deflategate

May 22, 2015 -- 11:01am

Tom Brady fretting over DeflateGate while MJ talks on the phone

Christopher Rude's photo.
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Six Eighty The Fan Green Card (has nothing to do with immigration)

May 22, 2015 -- 10:57am

Still a few left...Play all these Golf courses for just $199! (with a cart)
Great gift idea

“680 The Fan’s 6th Annual Green Card Version 2.0
It’s our first ever premium Green Card, with access to some of the most legendary clubs in the South! 
Premium courses like The Frog Golf Club, Farmlinks at Purcell Farms and Lanier Islands Legacy Golf Course!
And tons of Fan favorites like Collins Hill Golf Club, Country Club of Gwinnett, Lake Spivey Golf Club, Chattahoochee Golf Club, Mystery Valley Golf Club, Sugar Creek Golf & Tennis Club, and Old Union Golf Course.
These are the best courses we’ve ever offered, and you will score a round of golf with a cart at each one for only $199! 
The 680 The Fan Green Card goes on sale this Wednesday, May 20th at 9am, limited quantity available and they go fast!!
Just visit 680 the fan dot com this Wednesday at 9am and click on the 680 Green Card link for incredible savings!
* this particular golf cart (pictured) is not included in the package

Christopher Rude's photo.
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Rude and the Hawks

May 22, 2015 -- 10:56am

Throwback Thursday

Christopher Rude's photo.
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Rude E-Mail

May 15, 2015 -- 3:47pm
While with Macon Telegraph, did story about Leo and how he had HOF credentials.
As a rule, they don't put coaches in, but he deserves it.

A joy to speak with
then. Think he's great for baseball and correct about everything he says about
pitcher workload.

Lawyers (agents) run pro sports today to the detriment of
the games. 

Chris Deighan
Warner Robins, Ga
Hi Chris,
Thanks for the E-Mail.  Leo Mazzone is one of my very favorite people. We laugh at the same jokes!
BB and Chuck Berry concert at Chastain. BB plays an awesome set for about an
hour and half or so. After a long delay Berry comes out, obviously inebriated,
plays a sloppy version of "Johnny B Good". He then starts a 2nd song but stops
that abruptly, starts in to "Johnny B Good" again but then stops that and walks
off the stage. The audience sits there stunned and disappointed. Well out comes
BB again and plays a whole new, completely different set. I will be a BB King
fan for my life.
Hahaha, great story!!!

Mr. Domino,
It is a joy to have a “baseball man” like yourself on the air. I enjoy listening to your perspective on the game with Rude in the mornings, on Saturday mornings with Lemmer, and in the Braves pre-game shows.
I respect your baseball opinion, so I wanted to “run my point of view” past you, about watching television broadcasts of MLB games in the current era. I have found baseball on television to be unwatchable. You can “follow” the baseball game on television, but you cannot “watch” the game on television. That is because the broadcast actually does not show you the game.
The baseball game as aired today is a continuous showing of faces, facial expressions, players from the waist-up, and shots of the dugout. It is very rare in nowaday broadcasts to see the field, or to see more than one player at a time in the screenshot.. or even the entire body of a player. The only time that you see more than one player at a time is the view of the batter and catcher as the pitch is thrown… or when a baserunner is beating-out a throw.
  • You never see on-field player alignment.
  • You never see an outfield shift.
  • You very rarely see how baserunners are positioned at the bases.
  • You rarely see the field.
The typical baseball game broadcast is:
  • Show the on-deck batter from the torso-up, taking his practice swings.
  • Switch the view to the pitchers face, as he is taking signs from the catcher. Show pitcher shaking his head.
  • For a split-second, show the batter at the plate preparing for the pitch, then quickly switch the view to just the batters head shot… stay there.
  • Now show the manager in the dugout for an excessively long period of time.
  • Once the pitcher throws the ball, switch the view to the batter and catcher as the batter takes the pitch.
  • If the batter makes contact with the ball, show only the portion of the field where the ball goes, then quickly close the angle tightly to only the fielder, fielding it… and tighten the shot to just the upper portion of the fielder as he throws the ball.
  • Show a tight angle of whoever catches the ball.
  • And so forth.
Television baseball has now boiled-down to just showing the upper body of one-person, faces and the dugout. You rarely see the field, or all of the field action.
In the past, television baseball showed wider field shots, a wider view of the action whenever something transpired, and you never got those shots of just somebody’s eyes and nose filling the screen.
It’s funny. Once upon a time, baseball was very watchable and hockey was unwatchable. It was difficult to impossible to see the action with hockey on TV. Now, hockey has become watchable – and baseball has become unwatchable. Whereas, it used to be that you absolutely had to be at the arena to enjoy a hockey match – you can now enjoy it on television. But to really enjoy the baseball game, follow the strategy, see the dynamics and interactions, you really have to be at the stadium… because you will not see it on TV.
I wonder if you have noticed the same thing. If so, then maybe this is something worth mentioning on the air, to see if other baseball fans have the same perspective.

(a baseball fan in Stone Mountain)

Hey Rude,

For all you Tom Brady fanatics out there, say what you want against Aaron Hernandez but he's never been accused of cheating and he's never been suspended by the NFL.
Image result for brady cheater


Christopher Rude 680 The Fan Rude2@aol.com
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Meet the World's MOST Dominate Athlete

May 15, 2015 -- 2:53pm

World's Most Dominate

Christopher Rude's photo.
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