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Rude's Weekly E Mail

Oct 02, 2015 -- 11:29am
You keep trying to say goodbye to people and nobody wants to leave.
Rudy C
I enjoy listening to you guys when I drive The Kid to school in the morning. Yes, I've gone to the dark side from time to time and listened to the former Z93, but it's like listening to Chicago and Minnesota fans over there. They're not die hard Atlanta fans. 
Anyway, I heard your segment on Bryce Harper this morning and disagree with the magnitude of love he received from the 680 team. Despite what he said in his interview, he needs to show it on the field at all times. For example, the incident with Palp was instigated by Harper being called out for not hustling out a fly ball. 
Harper might put up some good numbers, but his AF (annoyance factor) is probably higher than any 22-year-old in baseball history... to his fans, teammates, and opponents. He doesn't come close to having the marketable charm that youngsters Mike Trout and Kris Bryant possess.  
Brett Gowder
.Good Wrap Up Question
Which one (or more) of these college coaches will be unemployed/retired next year
Steve Spurrier
Bret Bielema
Charlie Strong
Paul Johnson
2.  Falcons
a.  The Falcon defense gave up 52 total yards in the 2nd half - incredible turnaround after getting gashed for about 300 in the first.  That is the advantage of having                     a defensive mind as your head coach
b.  After rewatching the game from start to finish this morning I noticed a few things
            - when the Falcons scored, I could actually hear a good bit of cheering coming through my speakers!  What in the wild wild world of sports is going on
            - I love the way Julio plays the game.  There is no "in your face" to opposing players, no dancing, no chest thumping, no "me, me, me".  He simply destroys the            
    DB, pops up and hands the ball to the ref or drops it on the ground.  
            - Despite one holding penalty I think Jake Matthews is proving to be a pretty good first round pick
            -  Brandon Weeden does indeed throw a very pretty ball.  Much better spiral than Peyton Manning.  Too bad he has lost nine in a row and 17 out of his 22 career starts.  
 Gary Hosmer 


Christopher Rude
680 The Fan
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Vick Protestors

Oct 02, 2015 -- 11:15am
Gentlemen.  Good Morning.
Regarding the under/over for Mike Vick protestors being less than 30, technically, your choice of under turns out to be incorrect.
As the New Kid on the Block, one Nick Cellini, dutifully pointed out, he only counted 6 protestors; however, when you apply the required dog math to the equation, it actually nets out to 42 protestors.
A rookie mistake, but welcome to the team!
Image result for new kids on the block funnyImage result for new kids on the block funny
Jay P
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Thanks to Atlanta Cancer Care

Oct 02, 2015 -- 11:04am

Atlanta Cancer Care helped save my life. Jon Bodan is a fellow warrior and he asked me to help spread the word. Check out the admirable work of their foundation. I’m on the board of directors of the Atlanta Cancer Care Foundation and we’re having our annual gala fundraiser in a few weeks. The Foundation is a small, local foundation started by the oncology practice I was treated at personally. We give money to cancer patients and their families to help them pay their bills during treatment. We’ve paid for utilities, car payments/repairs, rent, health insurance, and have even gotten families out of foreclosure.

MAKING A DIFFERENCE For adult cancer patients & their families in Metro Atlanta Donate Now
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Dimino rubbing elbows with the "Superstars"

Oct 02, 2015 -- 11:02am
Jon Sinton's photo.
Jon Sinton

And here's what we look like on TV. ‪#‎braves‬

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Rude Shoe of the Week

Oct 02, 2015 -- 11:00am

Rude Shoe of the Day

Christopher Rude's photo.
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    • Christopher Rude what would you wear with those?
      Christopher Rude's photo.
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    • Stacie Baldwin I'll be needing those.
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      • Jessica Slate Chandler Ouch! They are hot though! You buy 'em I wear 'em!
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        Rude's Weekly E Mail

        Sep 25, 2015 -- 11:14am

        Just heard Brandon’s update. Are you allowed to say “Washington REDSKINS”? Where are we on this hot topic?

        Rudy C

        The jury is still out til the owner of the team is finished buying off every last Indian with "little cars" according to one politician



        I cant believe Dimino is Italian. I’m Italian and I have eaten goat, lamb, tripe, lung, just about anything.Ever hear of cabutsell (Spelling is wrong) It’s basically a lamb head split in two and roasted. Brains are delicious

         Rudy C 


        Being of Norwegian decent, I am offended by the Viking mascot. 1) Vikings didn't have motorcycles. They have long boats. 2) Vikings didn't have horns on their helmets. This is a Hollywood gimmick. 3) Real Vikings aren't name Joe.

        The Vikings should have parted ways a long time ago due to their mascot being racist.

        Dear Sven

        Is that you real name?



        With everyone trying to deify Julio Jones (and rightly so), did anyone happen to notice that Odell Beckham Jr. had 145 yards and a touchdown to Julio's 134 yards and no touchdowns.  And he did it on 7 catches (a 20.5 YPC) to Julios 13 catches (10.4 YPC)
        Here is the interesting thing though.  
        All of Beckham's catches came in the first 32:30 of the game.  His last catch came with 12:30 left in the 3rd quarter.  He was shut out for the last 27:30 of the game.  Now hose fault is that - Eli's or the guy calling the plays
         Gary Hosmer 
        1.  Best performance of the weekend - the Georgia State Panthers.  I dare someone to call in to the show and swear they thought it would be a 19 point game in the 4th quarter or that GSU would score 28 points against Oregon.  I wonder if any team in history prior to GSU had covered the spread by 37 points!!! (I believe they were a 70 -71 point underdog)
        2.  If he stays healthy, just hand Fournette the Heisman.  There is no great QB in the country this year and, as good as Chubb is, I mean, come on this guy's is an absolute beast.  He looked like Herschel, the way he was running over people.  They should have added the sound effects like when a cartoon character is wreaking havoc.  You do em Chris ....bshew...pow....etc, etc 
        3.  Auburn and their QB may just be the most over rated team and player since they started preseason polls.  Johnson looks clueless out there, throws the ball sidearm, and is terribly inaccurate.  And I'm still waiting for proof that Will Muschamp is a defensive genius. 
        4.  The pitiful (?) NFC South is the only division in the NFC with a winning record (5-3), as is the AFC West (5-3), both  trailing the AFC East (6-2).
        5.  This is very scary, but if the Falcons beat the Cowboys ...big if, they could easily start the season 5-0 before going to New Orleans in week 6.  Their schedule is ridiculously easy
         Gary Hosmer 
        okay rude got a wrap up question for you. lol! Todd Gurley, Keith Marshall, Nick Chubb, Sony Mischel and Hershel Walker who are your two starting running backs Gurshall, Chubble, or Herschel? (smile)
        love ya man.
        Good question Walter. I prefer HurGurl
        Good Morning Rude,
        Love the show as always. I emailed you about a week and a half ago and said that the UGA QB just needed to be as effective as Hudson Mason was last season. Maybe I should have used the word "efficient" instead. While I know its not realistic to expect what we saw Sat. every weekend, if we could get 2/3 of that UGA will be a tough out as long as we don't turn the ball over.
        The talent that UGA has on offense has to be scary for opposing DCs. Sony Michel, Nick Chubb, Malcolm Mitchell, the 3 TEs, Isaiah McKenzie, and an experienced O line...  
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