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Jun 17, 2015 -- 11:57am
The three outs in the eighth inning are just as important and the three outs in the ninth inning.
Rudy C
Hey Rude,
I applaud your white listener, who wrote in with his ire about us whities not being given our due, athletically.
I thank him for saying how he is "getting angry" and for taking the time to point out, that if the same thing were said against black people, they would be "breaking the windows" at the studio.
Perhaps, that is why they are more athletic, they apparently put a lot more energy into their disagreements.
Al Campanis
White people protest
hey rude you own a resturant and you're full to capacity, you only have one table left for a customer who do you give that table to michael jordan, jim brown or Lebron james. lol!
love ya babe!
The difference between an annulment and a divorce is that a divorce says that a contract occurred and it must be cut up. An annulment on the other hand says there never was a contract to begin with based on some form of breach, fraud, duress etc. (You swore that you were a woman!) PS: consummation and or the length of time for the filing can be a factor but it's not determinative. Sent from my iPhone
If LeBron wins the championship with this supporting cast, it has to be the single greatest season in history.  McHale and Parrish vs Delavedova (sic) and Shumpert.  Abdul Jabbar and Worthy vs Shumpert and J.R. Smith (sic), Pippin and Kucoc vs Delavedova (sic) and J.R. Smith, Wade and Bosh vs Delavedova (sic) and Tristan Thompson.  Ya get the point.
Also, the Warriors are obviously playing very tight.  They are missing shots they hit all year long, so they are taking bit of a far.  
______________  Gary Hosmer 
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