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Rude's Weekly E Mail

Oct 09, 2015 -- 11:15am
Cellini's response to you being caught between 2 carpet baggers is worth noting.
He said to you, "What did you do wrong in life, to be stuck in this situation?"
Image result for carpetbaggers
Matt, Chuck, Carlos, Rude, Chris, Brandon and Nick,
Since you all have completely written off the Redskins this weekend, I thought I’d share a few reasons why you should at least show some concern about the game this weekend with some fun stats. Rude earlier this week, with Dimino and Cellini chortling along with him, even went ahead and locked the Falcons in for a win without debate. Matt and Chuck have declared the Redskins as, “crappy” and “crummy” on multiple occasions. They’re not that bad and the game just won’t be that easy. The skins have an excellent run game and defense, and control the clock better than anyone in the league. And news flash, the Falcons run D (shoot their D in general) isn’t that good. Our front 7 is playing great ball and so is our offensive line. Sure our corners stink, but even if Julio has 150 and a TD doesn’t mean it’ll be enough to win the game. Here are some stats for you all to munch on. “Boy I tell you, I get no respect around here”.
Daily listener. Love the shows!
Matt the eternal “glass half fuller“ Redskins fan
Defense total YPG Allowed:
-          Redskins: 4th fewest
-          Atlanta: 5th Most
Defense Passing YPG Allowed:
-          Redskins: 9th Fewest
-          Atlanta: 3rd Most
Defense Rushing YPG Allowed:
-          Redskins: 2nd Fewest
-          Atlanta: 5th Fewest
Offense Rushing YPG:
-          Redskins- 1st
-          Atlanta- 13th
Time of Possession
-          Washington 1st
-          Atlanta 2nd
Matt, to your point. This IS the NFL anything can happen. But, road wins in the NFL are hard to come by
The ref doesn’t have to know the rule.
He only has to say in his opinion it wasn’t intentionally batted ball.
It’s like arguing balls and strikes.
It’s a judgment call.
Rudy C
I don’t know anything about Kyle Shanahan.
But I am a big believer of the adage “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”
He is the apple of Mike Shanahan and he is a beady eyed weasel who back stabbed Dan Reeves when they were in Denver.
I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him.
Rudy C
People are great aren't they
    Those callers today who were against getting rid of Richt because they did't want to try out an unproven commodity were interesting .  If I'm not mistaken, the guy they are currently deifying, Mr. Richt himself, had never even been a head coach before he came to Georgia.   I wonder if they were saying the same thing when the call came for Donnan to resign and the announcement of the hiring of an unproven commodity.  
    I do not think he should be fired during the season. IMHO, if he does not win the East, he has to go.  If he wins the East but loses to Bama (clearly a superior team) in the SEC Champ. then it would be a tough call.  Win the SEC then he stays for sure.
 Gary Hosmer 
I don't know if I'm a smart fan, I thought they had a chance going in to the game but everything would have to go their way to win. I didn't expect the ass kicking, I expected at worse Alabama would leave Athens with a 4 point win limping and licking their wounds hoping they didn't have to face us again in Atlanta. I won't Richt a part of the program, just not as coach. Thanks! Jonathan Jones

Matt Stafford was the 1st overall pick in 2009. In 7 years, Starting the game tonight, He has a winning percentage of 43% (35-47, which includes 0-2 in the playoffs). This with the best receiver in the NFL.on his team for all 7 years. Why is he not mentioned when they talk about all time overall # 1 pick busts.


Hey Chris,

I try hard not to harp on Mark Richt.  Yet, when I see QB after QB leave the state and have success (i.e. Nick Marshall, Blake Sims, Cam Newton, Deshaun Watson), I really have to begin questioning his decision making.

Furthermore, what frustrates me more is when I hear Georgia fans argue "Who else would do better as coach?". To me that argument epitomizes what it is to be a perennial 2nd place team 1st place loser. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts this week....continue the great work.

E.  Caldwell



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Rude Art "In the Dugout"

Oct 09, 2015 -- 10:38am

Rude "In the Dugout"

'Rude "In the Dugout"'
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680 The Fan recipient of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s 2015 National Media Award

Oct 09, 2015 -- 10:37am

680 The Fan recipient of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s 2015 National Media Award

ATLANTA, GA. Dickey Broadcasting Company’s (WCNN-AM) Sports Radio 680 The Fan on 93.7FM is honored to be the recipient of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s 2015 National Media Award. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) established the National Media Awards to recognize the outstanding efforts of the print media, digital media, and radio and television broadcasters in educating and informing the public about the LLS and its mission. The recipient of the Award is recognized for demonstrating their continued support of the LLS and having a record of excellence in fundraising and/or promotional support, as well as building awareness for the LLS and its mission. Media Awards are awarded annually.
Over the past 15 years, 680 The Fan has supported LLS through the Strike Out Leukemia & Lymphoma Radiothon and has been able to raise over 1.5 million for the organization. Operations Manager of Dickey Broadcasting, Jim Mahanay, “Dickey Broadcasting and The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society have created a wonderful partnership. Our annual ‘Strike Out Leukemia & Lymphoma Radiothon’ has become an integral part of 680 The Fan’s efforts to create awareness of their great work and we thank the thousands of Atlanta area listeners for their continued generosity as we support the efforts to find a cure.”

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Jessica Mendoza

Oct 09, 2015 -- 10:36am

Last night, Jessica Mendoza became the first female to call an ESPN MLB postseason game as an analyst during the AL Wild Card Game

Christopher Rude's photo.
  • Comments
    • Jeff Shideler And she sucked doing it terrible job
    • David Bryant This why I hate ESPN
    • David Ward Mike Bell probably had a field day...
    • Kimberly Gentry I don't like female commentators in sports, at all. The pretty sideline blondes that ask the coaches stupid questions at halftime are the absolute worst. And this is coming from a gal that loves sports!
    • Rude's Weekly E Mail

      Oct 02, 2015 -- 11:29am
      You keep trying to say goodbye to people and nobody wants to leave.
      Rudy C
      I enjoy listening to you guys when I drive The Kid to school in the morning. Yes, I've gone to the dark side from time to time and listened to the former Z93, but it's like listening to Chicago and Minnesota fans over there. They're not die hard Atlanta fans. 
      Anyway, I heard your segment on Bryce Harper this morning and disagree with the magnitude of love he received from the 680 team. Despite what he said in his interview, he needs to show it on the field at all times. For example, the incident with Palp was instigated by Harper being called out for not hustling out a fly ball. 
      Harper might put up some good numbers, but his AF (annoyance factor) is probably higher than any 22-year-old in baseball history... to his fans, teammates, and opponents. He doesn't come close to having the marketable charm that youngsters Mike Trout and Kris Bryant possess.  
      Brett Gowder
      .Good Wrap Up Question
      Which one (or more) of these college coaches will be unemployed/retired next year
      Steve Spurrier
      Bret Bielema
      Charlie Strong
      Paul Johnson
      2.  Falcons
      a.  The Falcon defense gave up 52 total yards in the 2nd half - incredible turnaround after getting gashed for about 300 in the first.  That is the advantage of having                     a defensive mind as your head coach
      b.  After rewatching the game from start to finish this morning I noticed a few things
                  - when the Falcons scored, I could actually hear a good bit of cheering coming through my speakers!  What in the wild wild world of sports is going on
                  - I love the way Julio plays the game.  There is no "in your face" to opposing players, no dancing, no chest thumping, no "me, me, me".  He simply destroys the            
          DB, pops up and hands the ball to the ref or drops it on the ground.  
                  - Despite one holding penalty I think Jake Matthews is proving to be a pretty good first round pick
                  -  Brandon Weeden does indeed throw a very pretty ball.  Much better spiral than Peyton Manning.  Too bad he has lost nine in a row and 17 out of his 22 career starts.  
       Gary Hosmer 


      Christopher Rude
      680 The Fan
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      Vick Protestors

      Oct 02, 2015 -- 11:15am
      Gentlemen.  Good Morning.
      Regarding the under/over for Mike Vick protestors being less than 30, technically, your choice of under turns out to be incorrect.
      As the New Kid on the Block, one Nick Cellini, dutifully pointed out, he only counted 6 protestors; however, when you apply the required dog math to the equation, it actually nets out to 42 protestors.
      A rookie mistake, but welcome to the team!
      Image result for new kids on the block funnyImage result for new kids on the block funny
      Jay P
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