Hawks New Owner Sets Atlanta Politics Straight!

Jun 27, 2015 -- 1:56pm


Flat out, I'll say it if nobody else is willing to. If Danny Ferry had gotten support from the Mayor and Community Leaders he would still have his job. Since they decided to play the politics of racial divide, obviously working on inadequate facts as Ferry was cleared completely, the mess became far more public. In that disarray came the opportunity for politics to try and insert itself into the Hawks ownership search. That is a place that politicians did not belong. Tony Ressler obviously feels the same way from his opening tone.

I think it was a mistake to talk about a new stadium in his first interaction with the local media. It is an issue that nobody who actually lives here sees as critical for the community. He would know that if he understood Atlanta. I do like though that he made it clear that ALL options are on the table.

He knows that he is dealing with a wounded ego in the Mayors office. No major American city sees a loss of 2 pro sports franchises like has happened in his tenure. Now he stands on the cliff of losing a third. If the city does not play ball with Ressler, he will have no problem taking his team to the burbs. Just like the Braves were not willing to play second fiddle, the Hawks owner has hand over the Mayors office.

Just look at the differences in building the new stadiums in town. The Braves were allowed to choose the best quality vendors at the most competitive pricing. They did not have to agree to hire vendors living in the shadows of the current Georgia Dome. The only thing that matters for them when reviewing bids is the quality of the construction company and the best pricing. The Falcons deal is full of sweetheart setups and now we see in the cost over-runs that it has contributed to the issue.

Good for you Mr. Ressler. The politics of doing business has been shady for generations. We even have seen many elected officials end up behind bars. Think about the fans when making any stadium decisions. Just look at the area around Turner Field where the Braves have resided for 5 decades. Don't believe that the city leaders will assist you in making your product more desirable to commerce. They will expect that to all fall on you. Good News? lots of other areas out of the reach of the Atlanta City Council would love to form true partnership. This will either give you a new address or the leverage you desire.

Good Luck, we are all counting on you!

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