Random Thoughts for 4/20

Apr 20, 2015 -- 4:36pm

One Week till the Draft - Falcons should look at Braves

I get the fascination with solving the Falcons lack of a pass rush. I just see a doomsday scenario where they will select the 5th best available pass rush talent in Randy Gregory with a history of drug test failures. They should not even consider this.

San Francisco and Houston are both reportedly interested in trading up in the first round IF they see the player they are targeting still available. I hope the Falcons seriously consider every proposition.

John Hart rebuilt the Braves minor league system in one off-season. He made the major league club look like a more balanced outfit. He did not do it by going halfway in the rebuild. The Falcons should do the same. They need an overhaul and more picks will create that scenario to happen faster.

I say trade the pick if the deal is right and make a splash by filling many holes over a few!


Braves (8-4) start feels sustainable

You know I don't believe in checking the standings until Memorial Day, but allow me to comment on the Braves (8-4) start. Starting pitching has been a little bit less than I expected with the bullpen being better. Grilli makes you forget about Kimbrel at least for a few weeks (maybe months). The offense is clearly better, but I still think the lack of power may haunt them.

The goal I set for the season was that they would play some meaningful games into the football season. Even if just for a short time, entertain the idea of pushing for a wild card. I called for 82 wins and at (8-4) I'm impressed.


Big News is coming in the next few weeks

Stay tuned as I let you in on a new career venture!

Tuesday 4/21/15

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