Random Thoughts for 8/20

Aug 20, 2015 -- 10:15am

The Georgia QB Competition

I know, Mike Bobo left. I know, Schotty did not recruit these QB's. I am just a little surprised that one guy has not emerged from the three headed QB competition at Georgia. If one guy was truly grasping the offense, we would know his name by now. Thankfully they have two easy games to start the year to sort it all out.

If you hate Falcons injuries, blame Chuck and Chernoff

After the Saints suffered a devastating pre-season injury, our boys Chuck and Chernoff again celebrated. They mocked the injury Gods. Matt said "Don't tell Kincade, he's not going to like it!" I tell you over and over, celebrating another teams injuries always backfires. I don't know how the Falcons are going to be able to patch up a roster to even take on the Jets. I wonder if the in juries are going to set back this team from getting off to a quick start? That was a tough task anyway as they have the Eagles, Giants and Cowboys to start the season. Let's just hold our breath and hope for good health.

One thing should be clear, this roster has a long way to go. Coach Quinn just needs to get his team playing a competitive brand of disciplined football. If the wins come, that is a bonus. I loved the way his starters attacked in Game One. It impressed me.

Disneyland vs. Disneyworld

Until our August visit I was always told that if you were fans of Disneyworld you would be highly disappointed with Disneyland. I completely 100% disagree. The Kincade Family loved it.

Imagine one big parking lot like at your church. Stare at your church straight on. That is where you would enter Downtown Disney. The multiple dining options blow the Orlando version away AND it is right next to the gates to the other parks! Look to your right, that is the entrance to Disneyland. Look to your left, that is the entrance to Disneys California Adventure. We loved all of it.

It is not the "full Disney immersion" you get in Orlando. We stayed at the Convention Center Marriott which is a short walk to the parks. It was a great trip. We still prefer the whole experience of Disney World, but for every ride that the two parks share you get a better "ride" at Disneyland and the crowds and temperature in August were much better!

The BIG Podcast with Shaq

If you can't get enough of me, I've gone into partnership with Shaq and we launched "The BIG Podcast with Shaq" earlier this summer. It's a hit and pretty funny. Check it out at PodcastOne.com or at I-Tunes Podcasts!

Twitter Domination

Thanks for continuing to make me the go to sports radio Twitter Feed in Atlanta. Get on board @johnkincade

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Random Quick Hits for 8/13

Aug 13, 2015 -- 9:20am


So much of the talk around the Falcons has been about hype and issues that don't matter. The rap music blaring, the new energy. It makes you wonder why the stories have not been about a team that has won 10 games the last 2 years looking very improved. Let's hope that those stories take over in the next few weeks. If not, long year ahead.


It looks like the 2016 Opening Day Braves are going to be on display in the next few weeks. With Freeman and Olivera both due to hit Atlanta in the next 10 days, we could see a lineup that will take the field next year. Yes, it looks more professional. No, it does not look like a lineup that can compete for anything. I'm in the minority. If my team can't compete for a title I would rather see young talent on display. I hope 2016 is not going to the the year of the re-treads.


The SEC East is weaker than ever. The Dawgs are clearly the most talented team and should be representing in the Title Game in December. Why are so many reluctant to embrace those lofty expectations? Everyone in the East has flaws, so the GA QB situation should nolt be cause to back off getting excited. Bottom line, Pruitt will be a Head Caoch somewhere soon. They better win something while they have him.


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The Colin Cowherd I know...

Jul 25, 2015 -- 1:16pm

What bothers me most is the glee with which many of my peers are enjoying picking at the carcass of Colin Cowherd as he exits ESPN amidst controversy. Unlike the vast majority of them, I know the man. I also know that most of the "picking" comes from the personal insecurity many have that live behind a microphone.

What Colin Cowherd did was to speak rather recklessly. Whatever point he was trying to make got lost in his zeal to make it more colorful. In our profession, that can happen to anyone at anytime. A single thoughtless moment can undo years of good will. I've seen it first hand with co-workers at my own station. Good men who failed in a moment that have been able to dust themselves off to entertain once again.

It would have been better for Colin to have just apologized after the Thursday incident. The mob was at the door and they were thirsting for blood. I tuned in purposely to see how he would handle it. I will admit that he disappointed me. Instead of just admitting that it was a poor choice of words, he doubled down with studies to back up his opinions. That was a miscalculation.

I got to know Colin Cowherd in the five years that I filled in on his program as guest host. He was always very gracious and appreciative of my efforts. I will go down in history as the answer to a trivia question, Who is the only person to ever co-host "The Herd" with Colin? He was kind enough to share his stage for the Jimmy V Auction for a few years and let me drive the bus. We raised a ton of money and had a blast.

When we say things behind the microphone, there are ramifications. We are subject to relentless harassment (mostly anonymous harassment) from listeners who will attack you personally and professionally over your "opinions". It is part of the job and if a host can't handle it they better find another line of work. What is taking it too far are those in my business who just thirst for the blood of another peer who finds themselves in one of these situations. They must lead very empty lives.

I will decribe them to you. They believe they are every bit as talented as Cowherd, but have just not had his "lucky breaks". That is what they will say quietly. In truth? They are inadequate either personally or professionally and won't rest till they see his career trashed. Maybe they are on a rival network and don't have his audience. It might be the fact that their talents can't demand his paycheck or platform. Whatever it is, it disgusts me.

Discussion and debate over what Cowherd said and his subsequent actions are fair game. The endless drumbeat to destroy a man over a moment is quite sickening. If these jackals spent half as much energy on getting better at THEIR jobs, they might find more joy and success. Until then, they will just attempt to use their "Microphone Muscles" to destroy the career and reputation of another. That is until they stumble and will be hoping that someone else throws them a lifeline and some sympathy for their plight.


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