Random Thoughts for 5/15/15

May 14, 2015 -- 7:51pm


Like most of this town, I can't act like I have been a die hard Hawks fan. I'll be honest, there were years when I thought it was an absolute chore to even pay attention to them. The investment of my time as a sports talk show host would be wasted focusing on a team Atlanta cared so little about. The ratings have always proven it. Atlanta LOVES the NBA, but it merely LIKES the Hawks. The tide may be turning!

Game 5 on Wednesday night was the highest rated Hawks game in history. It alos marked the first time the franchise has won 7 post season games in a year. Obviously that means little without an 8th win vs. the Wizards.

Atlantans want a reason to believe. A trip further than thye have ever been should suffice. I am a front runner for the Hawks of the first order. Unlike many, I won't pretend to have always had a fiery passion. This team has excited me and drawn me to take interest. That is great progress. From the listeners reactions, I think they feel the progress too!


The public school kids will be released from school in a week with the private school kids a week after. That means the children will probably make it out to a ball game this summer. If not, the fans will vote with their pocketbooks.

The Braves knew that a tough year was ahead of them, but the longer they stick around .500 the better chance they have to see some crowds.

The entire focus of this winter was 2017. The moves made appear pretty promising. They just won't have a quick return on investment. The true fans can wait it out.

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