The conversation nobody wants to have at UGA

Oct 12, 2015 -- 10:18am

Thankfully, I don't have to make decisions regarding the employment of others. I did not like it the few times in my professional career before radio when a choice had to be made to terminate someone. It is my job to comment on the world of sports, especially local issues here in Atlanta. The time has come.

Let me get the "mandatory talking points" out of the way. Yes, Mark Richt is exactly the kind of man we should all aspire to be. Yes, he is a tremendous ambassador for the UGA brand. Yes, players love him. Unfortunately, even though all of that is true it does not account for the top priority on his job description. Mark Richt is not getting the job done with all of the resources at his disposal in Athens.

Richt has been able to take the field in the weakest SEC East that we have seen in his tenure. It appears that he will for a third straight year see another team play for the crown at the Dome. Under recent Richt, there is always an excuse or a scapegoat. The defensive coordinator is clueless. This player was suspended. The worst of all "It's really hard to go undefeated" which is uttered EVERY year now.

Fact is, the Dawgs are very talented and they are not getting the most out of that talent. Winning ten games a year is a great bumper sticker. If you don't play in truly meaningful games late in a season, that is all just window dressing.

What is the excuse going to be this year? The Pruitt defense is too young? The QB situation let them down? I know what I will hear starting today, "Just wait till Jacob Eason gets to Athens". Remember folks, they had Matthew Stafford coming out of Texas who also was the highest rated QB in America. Did I miss the SEC Titles?

Excuses are being made on behalf of a great guy. I get it. The great guy is not a great coach. At some point as a program you "Can't be afraid to be great". Georgia Football should expect much more.

It's time to let someone else see if they can use the great talent and assets of UGA to win SEC Championships. It's been a decade and this appears to be another year they let slip away. I'm tired of all the hype. It never delivers.

You can and should expect more from a program with their advantages. It is just something that nobody is very comfortable saying out loud. I'm not either. I do know that I respect the man but don't respect the results or the constant excuses from the apologists.

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