Random Thoughts for 2/8

Feb 08, 2016 -- 4:46pm


On last weeks BIG Podcast with Shaq, he took up the issue of Cam Newton and his assertion that many people who dislike him are basing it on the color of his skin. Shaq told him "When you are making 100M you can't make criticism about your skin color".

Strangely that was all before Cam reinforced why he has so many detractors after the Super Bowl debacle. His behavior was childish and unsportsmnalike. Before the game he made it all about him. The Superman shirt and the MVP spikes came after he failed to credit his treammates for his MVP award.

Maybe now Cam will begin to realize that his critics are given a lot of ammunition.


The Texans and the Rams are probably just going to wait for the last piece of confetti to fall in Denver before they approach Peyton Manning about coming to join their teams. If you are Manning, you can't do anything but be polite and thank them for calling.

The call to play again will be alluring. You are a champion! ignore the urge!


Every guy likes a Vegas trip, right? Every guy that listens to 680 tends to love football too. After spending my first Las Vegas Super Bowl weekend it is HIGHLY recommended.

Las Vegas is crowded, but not so much that it will annoy you. Making sure that you have access to a seat for the Super Bowl in Vegas does require a plan or prep. The bars and restaurants have specials for food and drink, but they tend to be over $100 a head. If you want to sit in the sports book you need to get there VERY early and camp out.

You can bet in the sportsbook via an app at your hotel. You can of course still place your wagers the old fashioned way in person. The only note, DO NOT wait until the morning of the game! The lines were 300+ deep! So, use the app or place your wagers earlier. 

I took the 11pm red eye back to Atlanta and landed at 5:30am. It was an easy flight back. Today has been a grind, but worth every minute!


The Strike Out Leukemia and Lymphoma Radiothon is scheduled for Friday, 2/19.

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