How Jameis Winston refused to join Chuck Oliver at ACC Media Days

Jul 21, 2014 -- 4:25pm

It happens, but it rarely happens with professionals. Professionals in the business of public relations rarely let personal feelings get in the way of doing their jobs. Despite that fact, it happened to Chuck Oliver at ACC Media Days and I am sorry for it. I would love to have heard Jameis Winston on the most radio important station covering the ACC Media Days, but it did not happen. The PR team at FSU felt comments that I made were out of line, so they took it out on Chuck Oliver as if this was some sort of payback. Let me fill you in.

When Chuck attempted to schedule an interview with Jameis Winston, he was asked if he worked with John Kincade. Then an email was produced with alerts received of what I had said about Jameis Winston. Not REAL AUDIO mind you, just an email with comments deciphered by an obvious "outraged" fan. To talk about the level of unprofessionalism that is involved playing whisper down the lane in major college athletics should go without saying. To penalize another professional for the perceived slight of another is pathetic.

I have been VERY outspoken on Jameis Winston and his various "brushes with the law". I also as you know will always go for a laugh when I can. Like it or not, those athletes that don't end up making themselves the butt of jokes never get that treatment. I also took extreme issue with the apology that was offered for Crab Leg - Gate. I forgot to pay for one of my items is not a true apology when you never aid for ANY items and exited to avoid the store security as is clearly shown on video. I won't even both getting into questions that many in the media still have about the previous issue on campus.

I recorded a sports commentary for the national CBS Sports Radio Feed that outraged many FSU supporters. They flooded my email (and obviously others) with angry notes about what I said about Jameis. I asked them to respond with ANY factual inaccuracies in my piece. Not one of those boble head fans could find one.

Make yourself a national story, they joke about you in the papers, late night talk shows and on sports radio. There is an easy way to not have this EVER happen to you.

I do find it funny that nobody in the same outraged fan base or with the FSU PR team had any problem with me defending Jameis when he was being accused by that female student. Day after day I talked people off the ledge convinced of his guilt and already accepting his fate as guity. Much like my defense of Cam Newton in his case, I was always fair.

I am 100% guilty of going for the cheap laugh many times. I am also 100% guilty of being fair and measured and always discussing a story from a factual basis. From these FACTS, many times comes a joke.

Sorry Kang, I would love to have heard you on with Jameis. I trust that you would have asked the tough questions. I'm not done with this story myself, not by a long shot! I'll have my say on this on the local and national stages.  


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