Random Thoughts for August 25th

Aug 25, 2014 -- 9:34am

The Falcons mixed bag pre-season has been mostly uninspiring. Only the spin doctors will attempt to take this summer camp and make it into anything but troubling. There are many reasons to be excited, but the question marks lead to a lot of "if" conversations. The 2014 Falcons will need a lot of things to go right. Bottom line? They are NOT deep enough to sustain any injuries. other organizations can, they can't.

I tweeted out a number on Sunday after watching the pre-season game vs. the Titans. Matt Ryan would only need to averaqge 30.3 more passing yards per game over 2013 production to be a 5,000 yard passser. Think of it it this way. In 2013 he had a hobbled Roddy from the jump. Julio made it through just a portion of the season. If good health prevails, 5K is very doable. The last thing I would worry about is Matt Ryan and his ability to meet the call of duty.

The Braves disappointing post All Star Break run has been a bit shocking. I knew they were a streaky outfit and talked folks off the ledge after the 0-8 road trip. I expected them to crawl back into this, but the NL East race was lost in the process. Terry McGurk says that EVERYBODY is accountable. A prominent MLB Insider told me that with a second place finish and NO wild card game berth, the manager would be the sacrificial lamb. If the team plays in the wild card game, all jobs would be safe. I am not sure that thrills the average Braves fan.

Only four months left until Christmas, yes I have alread begun my Christmas present acquisition. I am the guy who never is streesed out by last minute holiday shopping. Get a clue and adjust your strategy this year! By the way, you can NEVER go wrong with a gift from Solomon Brothers for your lady!

Thanks for consistently making me a Top 25 Twitter User in Atlanta. I appreciate the retweets and interaction. Being the top of the sports media list for the last 2 years in Atlanta is appreciated. I love the interaction. Late to the party? Please follow along @johnkincade

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