The ATL Spirit strikes again!

Sep 08, 2014 -- 10:01am

Bruce Levenson and his email is front page news around the sports and news media world today. I have a few comments of my own...

1) The Game Night Ops at the Hawks is amazing. I know many of the crew and have worked with them personally. I know them to be professional, cutting edge and fun people. I also am glad to know that they are color blind. Who cares who is on the Kiss Cam? Who cares who is chosen to play in an on court contest? I have never once heard a fan complain about this issue. The Game Ops would inspire more people to come back then turn them away.

2) I have said many times before on the air, "Atlanta LOVES the NBA, but only LIKES the Hawks". That is a Hawks issue. They never have delivered to the local fan base and continue to be unable to inspire fans to give them a reason to attend.

3) Southern Whites? Really? I don't even know what to say about that one. Nothing is worse than painting with a broad brush and depicting a group of people by what might be a small minority element. Every group of Americans has a portion that shames them by their behavior. I hate that stereotypes get perpetuated by small minded ideas.

4) There is one fact that nobody wants to even discuss. This bothers me. You can have honest dialogue on a topic without painting it as a race issue. ABC News published the Most Dangerous Zip Codes in America. The stadium complex in downtown falls into the 7th worst in America. Making our streets safer for ALL residents is something that should be a priority. This is an Atlanta issue, not a Hawks issue. By the way, I am now an Atlanta resident so I am particularly interested in what they plan to do moving forward.

How do you feel about the email and the chances a new owner can turn around the Hawks?

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Random Thoughts for September 1st

Aug 31, 2014 -- 1:01pm

Georgia Football - Amazing debut

After the first half of the Clemson opener, I'll raise my hand and admit it. I was not seeing a difference in the Dawgs. They appeared to be victims of the same issues that kept them from reaching their 2013 goals. Then, halftime happened!

99.9% of sports radio listeners have no idea what goes on in a locker room at halftime. That also applies to the hosts. We ask about it, but it is something we think we know about. Truth is, we don't REALLY know. Whatever happened at halftime on Saturday was an example of coaching. We don't know exactly how it happens, but when it does we can see it.

The Georgia defense looked average and familiar in that first half. Then in the second half we saw a change that bodes well for the teams 2014 dreams. They were aggressive, but had a far better plan to cover for their youthful secondary. They got a better push up front and disrupted the Clemson QB's who were comfortable too often in the first half. In other words, success.

Todd Gurley will get a lot of the talk and attention. in fact, the defense deserves a lot of praise after that afternoon at the office. If Georgia can survive the trap waiting for them in Columbia, avoiding a let down after 2 weeks of press clippings, this could be an amazing year in Athens.

Falcons Opener

I placed a wager on the Falcons in July during my annual Las Vegas trip. I bet OVER 8.5 wins. I feel a little less confident of that after the pre-season. If healthy the offense will be fantastic. The offensive line might be considerably better. Freeman has shown great promise at RB. The defense still does not scare anybody and that could be the achillies heel.

I will stick with my gut and say 9-7. Matt Ryan will pass for 5,000+ yards. The defense will have an inablity to sack the QB which will keep them from being a special team. The playoffs will be in play until the end of the year, but I expect they will be at home watching.

Thanks for the notes about the Sunday Show

Programming decisions are made above my head. I am so glad that you enjoy the JK Show on CBS Sports Radio. This is a local business though and 680 has to make sure to cater to local programming and advertisers, even when one of its own hosts has a show. If you choose to, the CBS Sports App is a great way to listen in after the show exits at 8am. We are a team at 680 and the show will return to a full 4 hours AFTER the Super Bowl.

Additional Thanks!

I appreciate you once again making me one of the top 20 Twitter follows in Atlanta for the 27th consecutive month. I appreciate and enjoy the discourse. Football season is the best time of year to jump on board! Visit often @johnkincade





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