Random Thoughts for 10/8

Oct 07, 2015 -- 9:22pm


Roddy White has been one of the greatest players ever for the Falcons franchise. He also has been prone to sticking his foot in his mouth. That combination is great when the team is winning and Roddy is producing. Now? It is just an unnecessary distraction.

The Falcons offense has been fantastic and Roddy has been used only as a blocker or a decoy. He has not been given the chance to shine. Coach Quinn has made it clear that he will not be going out of his way to throw the ball to White. Coach Shanahan obviously does not desire to feature Roddy in the offense. As long as they are producing points and winning, White is expected to do his part as a good soldier.

I am a huge fan of Roddy, but he is not needed if he wants to distract from the team goals. It appears he is not willing to be a role player. If not, it may be time to go.


I admire the career of John Schuerholz. I question his message.

The Braves brass swears that 2015 is something that won't be repeated. 95 losses will not be happening again in the future. I'm skeptical. The rebuilding plan is in motion and I don't see any quick turnaround coming.

Fredi Gonzalez claims that is his team pitches, they will win. Unfortunately the offense in 2015 was horrid, producing the least runs in the game. Are the pitchers expected to be perfect. The lack of offense had them walking a tight rope every night.

I am very excited for the off season to begin. The Braves need to create a buzz or the last year at Turner Field will be a ghost town.

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