2015 Begins With Uncertainty

Jan 05, 2015 -- 8:25am

Why have a GM with no authority to do their job?

That is the question that has to be asked of Arthur Blank and the Atlanta Falcons. Why are you keeping Thomas Dimitroff around if you don't want to let him do the job? Maybe, they are not keeping TD around at all!

Thomas has not done everything wrong, but production of one playoff win in the last 7 seasons is certainly not "getting it right". If Thomas is going to stay, I want him to have the chance to do the job. I hate the way things are going at FB.

Give me Rex Ryan

The Falcons have the worst defensive personnel in the NFC. The Falcons need to fix that side of the ball with talent and better coaching. Rex Ryan in his 7 seasons in New York won 4x as many playoff games as Mike Smith. His team defense was never worse than 11th. If you want to get better, faster, hire him.

Is it blasphemy to expect mpre from UGA Football and Mark Richt?

Leadership by fear of making a mistake has been proven as a horrible strategy in business, let alone football. I'm not saying that Mark Richt has to be fired. I am saying that if I was running the program I would have considered and maybe executed the move already.

I know that Georgia Football is a raging success in raising money. It is far from a raging success on the field where that is supposed to matter most.

Mark Richt in his FIRST 7 seasons was (72-19) 79%

Mark Richt in his LAST 7 seasons is (64-29) 69%

Richt took the Georgia team to 3 BCS Bowls in his first 7 seasons. 0 in his last 7 seasons.

Georgia last played in a top tier Bowl Game in 2007.

I have heard the Dawgs (10-3) season spun as a success. I hope that the bar is set much higher than that. To lose to down South Carolina and Florida teams was unacceptable. Losing to Georgia Tech was a horrible exclamation point.

It is not cruel, rude or ignorant to think that Mark Richt should be facing far more scrutiny. Don't be afraid to be great. Hopefully we will see a change, quickly.


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