Random Thoughts for 11/3

Nov 03, 2014 -- 8:41am

YES, there was a reason to doubt it!

Last week I was taking grief leading up to the euphoria of the GA-FLA game. We have a lot of Georgia Football fans at 680. The recent wins, without Todd Gurley, had caused a lot of confidence to creep in. I kept referring back to the loss at Suth Carolina. I wondered how anyone could look at the 2014 Dawgs and think that it was not a reach that they wuld be in contention for the CF Playoff. I was abused for that take. In retrospect, it was an easy call.

On the Monday after that humilating loss, the talking points are now about the fact that Georgia had many weaknesses that cost them. Where were these people last Friday?

The South Carolina loss matters. It mattered last week and it matters now. That loss showed you that this team was NOT ready for prime time. The SEC East has been great in the past, but in 2014 it is the JV side of the conference.

The challenge now? Don't let this season spiral out of control! They have already managed to lose to 2 very mediocre teams this year. If they lose another bummer game and then get beat by Auburn this thing borders on a dumpster fire.

We will hear alot about how they still have a lot to play for. Is there a true reason to believe? If so, you are seeing something that I am not.

Think about this one...

In 2012 the Falcons went 13-3, won the NFC South and secured the top seed in the conference. What followed was the loss to the 49ers and the famous "We were ten yards away from the Super Bowl".

How far have they fallen? The Eagles were 4-12 that same season and started a massive rebuild under Chip Kelly.

Since that moment the Eagles are 18-6 and the Falcons are 6-18.

The message? Hire the right guy and draft well and with a few strategic signings you can get better quickly. Unlike the Falcons, the Eagles don't have a Matt Ryan. This will help the Falcons attract a top prospect and hopefully get this thing turned around quickly.



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