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Sep 24, 2013 -- 10:19am


Jeremy Hill is the best back in the conference. Plenty of speed, good hands, and more power than any other SEC guy I’ve watched. He’s just the toughest runner in the league and can pound on defenses to the point where guys don’t want to tackle him as the game goes on.


There’s a list of “Really Good” in the conference, with Malena, Mason, Jeff Scott, several others, including the freshman at Arkansas, he’s absolutely already on the list. But “Great” is only Hill, T.J. Yeldon and Todd Gurley and Hill is at the top. It might be by 1%, it might be by the slightest of margins, but three guys can’t be EXACTLY the same talent-wise. If I’m picking one, it’s Hill. If you want to say either of the other two, I’m fine with that.


Georgia fans lost their minds when I said that. Suggesting that a guy averaging 8.5 yards per carry with six TDs in his first three games is the best back in the league, that’s outrageous and shocking and over-the-top? And look at Hill last season. He didn’t puff up his stats against the worst defenses on LSU’s schedule. Against North Texas, Washington, Auburn and Idaho, he combined for 1 carry for 2 yards. It was against South Carolina and Alabama and Texas A&M that he exploded. Those are the teams you break out against? Guy’s a stud.


So are Gurley and Yeldon, by the way. There are three right answers to this question and no way to prove it, certainly not just by spouting stats of one guy v the other because they all have great numbers and all three teams have multiple backs that figure into the mix. You need to have watched all three several times and form an opinion. I say Hill, others say Yeldon, others say Gurley. So what? Go win this Saturday and next Saturday and in the Dome and for a crystal football, that’s what matters.

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