Making Money

Oct 28, 2012 -- 11:53pm

During the 2004 college football season I picked winners at a very impressive 62.8% rate. Two seasons ago I came in just under that at 62.4%. This season, so far, my winners are coming in higher than either of my two previous best seasons: 63.04%.


Rules to give you a better chance if you haven’t become a customer of mine and are picking games on your own:

- Only straight plays. And “only” means “only.” No parlays, no teasers, no props. Straight plays and nothing but.

- Play every game for the same amount. Just like “only,” we use the standard definition of “every.”

- Laying points on the road is dangerous. Doing so in a conference game doubly so. Be wary.

- It will usually take the public four or five weeks to catch on to a particular season’s surprise team. That means four or five weeks before line catches up to that team’s performance – think Northwestern in 1995, Penn State once they got settled this season and countless teams in between. Be on the look out for a team that has turned things around – for real – in a season and you will still have two or three weeks before the line catches up.


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