Recalibrate Your SEC West Predictions

Sep 03, 2012 -- 1:21am

Recalibrate Your SEC West Predictions


. . . which essentially means recalibrate your national championship predictions. While we have seen one weekend’s worth of games and there are 13 more weekends of games to be played it’s obvious Alabama is better than most of us were thinking.


A loss at LSU was in the making. Still is, possibly. But many had also begun predicting another loss before that November match-up was even played. Arkansas was the most popular land mine on the schedule, though trips to Missouri and Tennessee also had some folks wondering.


After watching the Tide thoroughly disassemble Michigan this past Saturday night, I don’t think there’s a team on Alabama’s schedule – outside of LSU – with any real likelihood of pulling an upset. If Bama plays even 80% of the game that it played in Dallas on opening weekend, its opponents will be good to simply avoid getting blown out.


November 3rd in Baton Rouge. There’s your season.


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