Mark Richt's Reputation is Well Earned

Aug 04, 2012 -- 2:04pm

Whenever Mark Richt, his employers or supporters wonder why he has the reputation of being soft on discipline, they should simply look at his handling of the non-suspension of CB Brandon Smith.


Fact: Smith was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana.

Fact: Smith pled guilty, during pre-trial intervention.

Fact: UGA's policy is that being guilty of misdemeanor results in the student being suspended for one game (if he's a football player, other lengths for other sports).

Fact: Mark Richt instead said, "Nah, we'll let him play."


This was a horrible decision by Mark Richt. Smith should have been suspended for the opener . . . against Buffalo, for goodness sakes . . . and then started his season Week 2 in Columbia, Missouri. Rich only has himself to blame for this reputation.


As for Branden Smith, please keep in mind that no one ever accused him of using drugs, so him passing one, two or 50 drug tests, before or after the arrest, doesn't matter at all. He was arrested and charged with possession. Which he pled guilty to. And for which he won't be suspended.

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