New Monday 5

Oct 14, 2013 -- 9:31am

1 - With the Falcons off yesterday I got to watch a ton of NFL games and it is true this league is closer than it has ever been in talent from team to team.  A 10 win team and a 6 win team look really similar.

2. I watched Sean Payton go conservative against the Pats and it cost him. He essentially gave Tom Brady 3 chances late in the game to beat his team and Brady took advantage.

3. After watching Georgia dig out of a 28-10 halftime hole to get within 28-26, Todd Grantham's defense couldn't stop a backup QB who was playing for the 1st time. Add to it the freshmen QB was playing in a hostile environment. Now is the time to make the change...I mean today.

4. Georgia Tech dropped their 3rd straight game and once again we are watching the lack of talent catch up to Tech against legitimate competition. The program has been in decline for 3 years and it is not getting better.

5. I saw a rumor that the Falcons are interested in trading for Hakeem Nicks. I would not go there. This team has so many holes and to give up a draft pick for a rental player is not worth it.

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