My new Monday 5

Sep 23, 2013 -- 9:55am

1 - Fredi Gonzalez should win NL manager of the year. Overcoming big injuries and some major underachievements on offense.

2 - Freddie Freeman is making a serious run at MVP. His numbers back it up but beyond the numbers he was so clutch all season for this team.

3 - I would start Julio Teheran is game 1 of the postseason. I like his ability to miss bats. Medlen is hotter right now but he is a pitch to contact guy and that is dangerous in the postseason.

4 - The Falcons rushed for 146 yards. Matt Ryan didn't get sacked. The Falcos D came up with 5 sacks and forced 2 turnovers...and they lost??? Doesn't add up or it shoudn't but the offense again didn't finish drives.

5 - The best weekend of the football season locally is upon us. Ga. Tech hosts Va. Tech Thursday night. Georgia welcomes LSU Saturday and the Falcons have Brady and the Pats in the dome Sunday night.

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