5 more for ya

Jun 23, 2013 -- 1:57pm

1 - If anyone questions anything about Lebron James on the court at this point you better laugh and just keep moving because they must be joking.

2 - The Braves inability to move runners and do the "little things" it takes to be really successful in October concerns me and should concern you.

3 - I think Matt Ryan is set for his biggest season of his career. If you are a fantasy football GM, draft him right now.

4 - The CP3 and DH12 dream is still alive as Doc Rivers will not be headed to the Clippers. The ratings for the NBA Finals were thru the roof in Atlanta, imagine if the Hawks were ever in the Finals. This city would go NBA crazy.

5  - We are just 3 weeks away from heading to Birmingham for SEC media days which for us is the kickoff to college football season..


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