Braves Hit Stretch Run & Falcons Open Camp

Jul 21, 2014 -- 4:04pm

   Summer is beginning to wind down. Children will be back at school in a minute. Must be time for NFL training camps to open! And the MLB season heads into the stretch run for a postseason spot. Our Braves are back in the mix! Will the Falcons bounce back?

   Obviously, the Falcons need Julio Jones to bounce back with a monster season. Can't wait to see him out there in full stride, running down some Matt Ryan deep balls. Sure hope that injured foot holds up! No reason to rush him during training camp. Just get him ready for the Saints to open the season. Julio's return is a big deal for the offense, with Tony retiring.

   Another huge key to the season is for #1 pick Jake Matthews to step in and make an immediate impact at tackle. This O-Line has got to take a large step forward and Matthews rookie success is a big part of that. Plug and play! Sure hope it's quality! The first practice I attend, I'm going straight to the O-Line area.

   Will Roddy White get a contract extension? This needs to get done now. Both sides need each other! We're waiting.

   Looking forward to evaluating DT Ra'Shede Hageman too. And RB Davonte Freeman! Both those guys are in a position to earn some playing time during camp. Be real nice to get some impact out of those two dudes.

   Not sure about you, but I'm expecting nothing short of a bounce-back, 10-6 season. Let's get it started!

   As for the Braves, it appears to be a battle to the finish line with the Nationals. Got to like the recent success we've had on those guys.

   Gattis is a big key. Need him in there catching and swinging the bat in the middle of the line-up! And he's clutch. That's a quality this line-up desperately needs down the stretch. Sure like Alex Wood's chances of making a big impact too. He should have plenty of gas left in the tank and I know he's motivated! Jason Heyward is another dude trending up. He fits so much more comfortably in the middle of the line-up. And J-Hey really pounded the ball leading into the break. Need more of that.

   Can the Braves win the East? Sure. Can they win a postseason series? Well, we haven't seen that in a while. Be nice to see Freeman, Simmons, Heyward and the boys to break through come postseason time.


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