Falcons Best men on Job For Draft

May 04, 2014 -- 9:59pm

     Mr. Blank has his best men on the job. Dimitroff, Scott Pioli and Lionel Vital lead a huge Falcons personnel department. It's almost time to pull the trigger on some huge draft picks. And there is no room for any more mistakes.

   The Falcons are drafting near the top in each round for a change. They should be able to land some big-time talent, in the first 3 rounds. Right now, the Falcons select at 6, 37 and 68. And remember, this is the deepest draft maybe ever.

   Obviously, the pressure is on Dimitroff to deliver big this time. Got to find some players that can help get team back on track this season. Sure hope the pressure to hit it big won't make them trade up from #6. It looks to me like they can hit it big by just staying right where they are now.

   The needs are obvious: Offensive Tackle, Pass Rusher, Free Safety and Tight-End. Maybe a Running Back or Receiver in the later rounds.

   At #6, the Falcons can probably choose between Lewan and Matthews. Either dude would be a huge boost to the O-Line and Matt Ryan. Looks to me like the Falcons have planned this path. They hit the D-Line hard in Free Agency (Jackson, Soliai, Babineaux, Jerry & Peters). Now, it's time to hit on an O-Tackle.

   That means taking a Pass-Rusher at the top of Round 2 is a priority. Hope to see Auburn's Dee Ford still around. Again, Falcons go at #37 and Ford is projected to be there. If not, trade up and get him! Ford would be a good fit in Atlanta's scheme. Stand him up at the LOS and turn him loose on the pass rush.

   Round #3 could bring a Free Safety or a Tight-End. That selection comes at #68. Should be some talent to choose from.

   Almost time to roll the dice. Sure hope Thomas Dimitroff and the rest of the Falcons personnel staff come through. We're counting on them.


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