Bulldogs Start Spring Football

Mar 17, 2014 -- 4:05pm

   Jeremy Pruitt's new Bulldog defense is the big topic, as Georgia kicks-off spring football this week. It's a completely new staff on defense, so don't you know Pruitt, Rocker, Sherrer and Eckler are anxious to get out on the field and see what they've got.

   Pruitt has got to find some answers in the secondary. The Bulldogs safety play last season was weak. Not that the cornerback play was outstanding either. Both J.J. Green and Tramel Terry have been moved over from offense to help save the day. Both need to deliver.

   The 'Dogs have to find a monster at D-Tackle too. Garrison Smith is gone. Who steps up? Mayes? Taylor? Somebody needs to Hunker Down inside.

   Over on offense, Coach Bobo has encouraged star running back Todd Gurley to come out, work, and help lead. Are you concerned about Gurley slacking off? No worries. Gurley will be fine, when the season rolls around. No need to get him hit this spring, but he does need to work.

   The big concern on Georgia's offense is the interior O-Line. Boss Andrews is solid at center, but the 'Dogs need to replace both guards. Mark Beard slides down from tackle and appears poised to grab one guard spot. Brandon Koblano appears ready to step up. Or maybe Watts Dantzler takes over. Need to get these two spots solidified this spring.

  Seriously. Why? Because this fall Bobo wants to pound the run game with Gurley and throw it from the pocket with Hutson Mason. Can't do either, if the inside of the O-Line is questionable.



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