Falcons Operation "Turnaround"

Feb 28, 2014 -- 5:18pm

   It's time for our Falcons to make some serious personnel decisions. Free agency is upon us. The draft is not far away. And the Falcons need some impact players! Mr. Blank wants this team back in the playoffs this season. The pressure is on.

   Obviously, this team is need of some "difference-makers." Impact guys to plug in, especially on the line of scrimmage. Also, need to find a tight-end and a free safety.

   First look: the D-Line. Looks like the Falcons could get Clowney, if the Texans pass on him up top. So, if that happens, Dimitroff could move up to Rams-2, or Jaguars-3 to get Clowney. Thomas has former associates in both places. If they stay at #6, Barr and Mack would be alternatives. Both can rush the QB. D-Tackle is a huge need. Got to resign Babs, right? Jerry and Peters aren't impact guys. Babineaux deserves an extension. Give the man some money and then, go get another tackle in the draft and/or free agency.

   Glad to hear that the Falcons would consider moving Baker over to right tackle, on the O-Line. Can't see how the Falcons could pass on the elite OT's, with that #6 selection. If Matthews is there, I'd take him. If he's gone and Taylor Lewan is on the board...move back a couple spots and take him. Grab a FA OG. I'd be feeling a lot better about this Falcons O-Line, with a couple additions.

   Jarius Byrd getting plugged in at Free Safety would be nice. A big receiver, with a 4-5 round pick might be in order. Drafting a physical, run-blocking tight-end would be a big lift too. Maybe Arthur Lynch?

   One thing is obvious. The Falcons have to hit on a few guys to get this car back on the road. Can't be missing this off-season, bro.

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