Auburn Tigers Shot at BCS Title!

Jan 06, 2014 -- 5:04pm

   The Auburn Tigers have a shot to win 2 BCS Titles in 4 years. That's outstanding. Win or lose, Tiger fans should be proud on their team. What a great ride it's been this season. Worst to first is an amazing magic carpet ride. Malzahn and staff coached these guys up.

   The challenge appears LARGE. The Seminoles are loaded, on both sides of the ball. And coached up too.

   How do the Tigers pull off the upset? Force some turnovers would help, but the way the Tigers run the ball gives them a decent shot, right? Can the FSU defense slow it down? Look for FSU to play aggressively and man up out wide. Crowd the box on 1st down. Try and force some bad plays and get Nick Marshall dealing with a lot of 3rd & Long situations. Tigers aren't built to throw it 40 times from the pocket. Keep an eye on this...

   I believe Auburn's D-Line and Front-7 have to play big. Win the battle up front. Pressure and hit Jameis Winston. Coach Garner is rolling a lot of guys in, up front...still Ford, Egua, Wright and Adams need to win individual battles. Because if Coach Ellis Johnson has to put an 8th man in the box to defend the run, Auburn is in serious trouble.

   Don't believe that Mincy and Therezie can hold up. Chris Davis on Kelvin Benjamin should be a great match-up. Keep an eye on that one.

   Tigers could use a couple big plays in their return game.

   My best guess? FSU 48-31. Seminoles run the ball effectively and hit explosion plays in passing attack. FSU defense does enough to help a winning effort. SEC domination comes to an end. And so does the BCS 1-game formula.

   This time next year, we'll be in the middle of a 4-game playoff!

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