Time For Bulldogs Defense To Play Ball

Oct 17, 2013 -- 7:40pm

   Grantham's Georgia defense is now halfway through the season. All those young pups have had time to get coached up. So, when do they elevate the performance level? Or is this how it's going to be the rest of the season?

   Appears as though safety Josh Harvey-Clemons is improving with each game. Leonard Floyd also has the ability to grow into a difference-maker. Cornerback Shaq Wiggins has flashed some playmaking ability. Need all 3 of these guys to play ball the rest of the season, for this defense to improve.

   The secondary seems to be a step or two slow reacting a lot. Not enough plays being made at safety and corner. Got to get that cleaned up. Might be past time to simplify the scheme.

   With all of the injuries suffered on offense, it's unfair to ask those guys to pick it up. Got to be a little drop-off on that side of the ball, right? No Gurley or Marshall. No Mitchell, Scott-Wesley or Bennett. That hurts.

   Coach Grantham is under fire right now. Lot of folks out there criticizing his defense. The 3rd down scheme is particularly bad. Can't force turnovers. The fight and effort are solid. But the results are disappoointing.

   The SEC East is up for grabs. Missouri's schedule is killer. The Gators are struggling to score. The Gamecocks might run the table, so the 'Dogs need to step it up. Still time to earn a spot in Atlanta and play for a title.

   Only way that happens is if the defense starts Hunkerin' Down. The time is now.

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