Georgia Top-10 Showdown With LSU

Sep 24, 2013 -- 9:44am

   Should be a great atmosphere at Sanford Stadium Saturday. The LSU Bengal Tigers invade Athens along with ESPN GameDay. And why not? Two Top-10 teams will be knocking heads.

   The big storyline is this: Both teams have experienced, balanced offenses...and both teams are trying to grow up on defense quickly. This could develop into a high-scoring battle.

   Grantham's defense has rapidly improved, since Clemson. However, this looks like the toughest test they'll face this season. The LSU O-Line is big, tough and physical. The fullback is a monster. The Tigers WR duo is the best in CF. The running back (Hill) is a beast. And obviously, Mettenberger can sling it.

   Time to Hunker Down!

   What makes LSU offense so difficult to stop is the balance. They can line up and run it downhill and they can spread you out and make you defend the entire field. That's a tough combination for any defense.

   Somehow Grantham has to figure out how to load up against the physical running game, without leaving themselves vulnerable against the deep shots. And get ready for Cam Cameron (LSU OC) to come after freshman CB Brendan Langley.

   Can the 'Dogs slow down Hill? Can they get pressure on Mettenberger? Will they force a few turnovers? Tune in Saturday. And hope Murray and the offense has a great day.

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