Saints Beat Falcons, Again!

Sep 08, 2013 -- 11:25pm

   Mr. Blank might need to get these guys in front of a shrink. This New Orleans Saints curse has gone too far. Seriously. This one really hurts. Now Brees is 12-3 against us.

   If only had Steven Jackson had caught the ball. That would have been the game-winner. Simple as that. Got to catch that one. Koetter dialed that one up for him. Had Steven involved with Julio, on a combination route, working on Saints LB Ramon Humber. Play was there to be made. Catch the ball, man.

   The Saints came up big on the 4th down play. It was the same play the Falcons ran earlier, on Julio's TD catch, to take a 17-13 lead. This time, the Saints covered it up. Tony moves left to form a "Trips" set, with Julio & Douglas. Roddy is isolated on the right side. No one was open. Plus, the Saints got pressure, with a 3-man rush (Baker got beat by Lofton).

   William Moore also had an opportunity to come up big, but missed out on back-to-back plays in the 3rd quarter. Got beat on a big 3rd down play and then, dropped an interception. That was a big swing, where the Falcons could have gone up two scores, instead they went down 20-17.

   Went back and watched Lamar Holmes in the 2nd half, when Matt's protection went bad. He got beat a few times, after a good start to the game. He also finished the game strong. Can't blame the loss on this guy.

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