Bulldogs "All In" Against Gamecocks

Sep 03, 2013 -- 10:27pm

   Saturday's showdown with South Carolina appears to be the "Game of the Year" for Georgia. Got to have this one. Got to go get it. Can't start the season 0-2.

   The Coaches Handbook has always stated that a team can't let a loss beat them twice. It also says that a team should improve the most, between the first and second game. Seriously.

   Tip your hat to Clemson, if you're a Georgia man. The Tigers got the job done, in front of their home crowd. Real impressed with how they performed in the trenches. Of course, Boyd & Watkins were spectacular too.

   So, how do the 'Dawgs improve? I've got a few thoughts.

   Coach Friend needs to decide on who his Top 5 offensive linemen are this week and go with them on Saturday. Can't be asking Kolton Houston to play 3 different positions. And how is John Theus now a 2nd team guy? Best I can tell, Chris Burnette still hasn't returned to 100%, after his shoulder procedure. Shouldn't the right side be Houston and Theus? At least until Burnette is fully recovered?

   Coach Wilson's D-Line concerns me to. Garrison Smith is legit inside, but who else is capable to pushing people around? We look undersized, with Josh Dawson & Sterling Bailey at D-End. Not sure the D-Line can hold up against a Gamecock Offense that will run straight at us. Can we play physical football?

   Murray will miss playmaker Malcolm Mitchell the rest of this season, but Chris Conley and Justin Scott-Wesley are primed to play ball right now. That takes some of the sting away. Bennett is back on top of his game. Wooten can make plays. Rumph should be in the mix too.

   Josh Harvey-Clemons returns for Carolina. That should help defend on passing downs. He can run, cover and hit. Got to turn him loose Saturday.

   The Bulldog fans need to show up big at Sanford Stadium on Saturday too. Rock the place. Just like the Tiger fans did in Clemson. And just like the Gamecock fans did last season in Columbia. That would give this team a huge boost.

   Spurrier's guys are going for a record 4th straight win over Georgia. Can't let that happen. Got to turn the season around on Saturday. Need a win in the worst way. Time to Hunker Down!


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