Showdown For Bulldogs and Tigers in Death Valley

Aug 28, 2013 -- 8:14am

   Time to tee it up and go get it. What's it? A big win to start the season, with the nation watching. Can't wait to see this match-up. Should be entertaining.

   Clemson's up-tempo, spread offense is supposed to be operating at an even faster pace this season. Plus, OC Chad Morris has challenged his players to play more physical this season. That means he wants to be able to knock D-Lines off the ball some and convert some 3rd downs by running the ball between the tackles. Wow. Don't see many spread teams playing physical.

   Obviously, Boyd is one of the top quarterbacks in CF. And he's got the most talented playmaker in Sammy Watkins to throw it to. Doesn't appear the 'Dogs have anyone that match up with him in coverage. So, that's a dangerous issue for Todd Grantham.

   The most intriguing storyline of the game is how Grantham will play it. Will Grantham's plan be blitz/man? Or will he simplify the plan for his young, inexperienced secondary and play mostly zone?

   The educated guess here says Coach Grantham brings the heat on Boyd and will roll the dice on covering Watkins. There is a passage out of the CF Coaches handbook that says, "the QB can't find open receivers, when he's laying on his back."

   Got to figure Coach Bobo will test the Clemson run defense early. Feed the beast: Todd Gurley. Give Marshall some opportunities to break off some long runs. This Georgia duo at running back looks like one of the top 1-2 punches in CF. Pencil in 20-25 touches for Gurley.

   If the 'Dogs get the run game cranked up, then that keeps Boyd, Watkins and the young 'Dogs defense on the sideline a lot. Sounds like a good plan to me.

   There are a lot of unknowns in the opener, especially under the bright lights of a nationally televised showdown like this. However, one factor remains a constant...turnovers will get you beat. Got to hold on to the ball. Limit turnovers.

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