Falcons Live Action Against Bengals

Aug 12, 2013 -- 9:55am

Falcons Live Action Against Bengals

   So, the Falcons came out of that Bengals game in good shape, uh? Starters won the 1st quarter 3-0 and nobody got hurt! Not real concerned about how the rest of the game went. You shouldn’t be either!

   Big Lamar Holmes looked like he’s capable of holding on to that right tackle spot. Big body and a big base. Good feet. Long arms. His technique was strong. Watched him block down in the run game a few times and he got some movement. Pass blocking was good. Holmes might make it.

   Thought Peter Konz looked comfortable at center. He’s a big, strong dude. Got some push on a few run plays. Konz is a player. The center position is still in good hands.

   Both of the rookie corners are talented, obviously. Trufant and Alford both have ball-skills. Can turn and run with receivers. Des got KO’d by the Bengals tight-end, so he got that “Welcome to the NFL” moment out of the way. Robert was aggressive against the run. And Alford has some big-play ability on punt returns, if he gets that shot.

   Linebacker  Paul Warrilow (Delaware) led the team in tackles, but the dude that stood out to me was LB Joplo Bartu (Texas State). Bartu is a tough, physical tackler. And the Falcons need some back-ups at LB that can play tough. Keep an eye on these two guys.

   Need to see more out of the defensive end group. Osi still has some game left. Biermann’s versatility fits the Nolan system. Not sure about the rest of them. Massaquoi had a sack, but looked too aggressive with that outside speed rush. Maponga hit the QB once and looks like he can help with the pass rush. Goodman had trouble getting off blocks. Matthews looks like a run-down option to me.

   Best I can tell, the Falcons will be better this season. Might not have a 13-3 record at seasons end, but they should be stronger come playoff time. Of course, that’s just a first impression. Stay tuned. 

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