Braves Back Home & Road Weary

May 15, 2013 -- 10:03am

   Our Braves are getting slammed a little right now. Critics are all over the strikeout thing. And after getting shutout, again in Phoenix, the critics are also ripping the Braves for those 6 shutout losses. Bunch of bums, right? Oh, please.

   When Kincade checks the standings later this month (Memorial Day), he's going to see his Phillies floundering around the .500 mark & the Braves up front, battling the Nationals. Anyway, this start to the season for the Braves has been anything but easy.

   No MLB team has played more road games. At the conclusion of the recent road trip, the Braves will have played 26 road games. Two of the trips have been of the 10-day variety. This team is road weary. The Upton's have forgotten where their new pads are. Seriously.

   So, if you're down on the Braves. Relax. This marathon is just getting started. The first month and a half have been challenging, with so much time spent on the road. It can be exhausting out there on the road.

   Bet we'll see this team get it going offensively heading into the summer. Jason Heyward will be back in this homestand and that'll be the first time all season the top guys will be all together in the batting order. McCann is back busting the ball. Heyward gets to restart his season. I envision a boost in production.

   Hope to see you out at the ballpark. Stop by and see the Braves Pre-Game Show live. Hope to be talking about this team going on another hot streak.

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