Braves Ready To Break Camp

Mar 18, 2013 -- 4:32pm

   It's almost time to get the show on the road. The Braves are winding down spring training and about to head north for Atlanta. They appear to be ready to roll.

   Not many roster decisions to make. Who is the back-up shortstop (until Janish is ready)? Ramiro Pena is a nice option. Who is the 5th outfielder? Schafer looks like the guy (he's out of options). Who grabs the final spot in the bullpen? Varvaro or Gearrin. The back-up catcher is probably Evan Gattis, right? Dude is a rock star and has earned a spot on that 25-man roster, until McCann is ready.

   Can't wait to see what kind of damage this new line-up can do. More speed. More athletic. More right-handed pop. And when Brian McCann gets back in there, it's going to be a deep line-up. Uggla is probably hitting 7th. Francisco & Johnson are probably hitting 8th. This should be fun. Bet Simmons and Heyward both score 100 runs.

   Sounds like Tim Hudson will get the opening day assignment. It'll be the 3rd time for Hudson, with the Braves. Yes, it's an honor on most teams. One of the special days of any baseball season. Medlen deserves the honor too. Little surprised that he won't get the ball. But it's not a big deal, as far as how the season goes. Glad to have both these right-handers in the rotation.

   Julio Teheran looks ready to win a lot of games, as the 5th starter in this rotation. Dude looks like a different guy this year. All grown up. That new 2-seam fastball is now a weapon against left-handers. Breaking balls look solid. Change up is good. Really impressed with Teheran. He looks like a weapon.

   After spending two weeks with the Braves at spring training, I'm encouraged. Upton's look like a good fit. Lot of the guys are swinging the bat. Pitching looks solid. Let's get behind this team!

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