Thanks For Reaching Out on HOF

Mar 05, 2013 -- 3:43pm

   Thanks for helping make the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame induction so special. The 680 The Fan team stepped up big, which I appreciated very much. Not sure how the suits got some of those pictures that made it up on, but that was cool.

   The event was fun. Kincade did a nice job at the induction ceremony, although he did keep me to that 5:00 limit on the speech. Barely had time to talk about the big impact Coach Nick Hyder & Herschel Walker had in my career. Seriously. Coach Hyder was the first coach to embrace me.

   Proud to have Coach Mike Cavan and Coach Butch Brooks sitting at our table! Cavan was the big brother I never had and he passed along some great advice to me back at Georgia. Brooks was everything I thought a coach could be in high school. Tough. Big heart. Competitive. Cared.

   Coach Dooley hosted a UGA table and it was great to see Barbara there, along with Coach Greer and Coach Whittemore. I thanked Vince for being straight with me. I could trust him. He was tough on us. I respect that. Steve and Charlie were special too. Both were coaches that cared.

   Had some former teammates there. Butler & Buckler showed up. That's special. Got to mention Lindsay and Lastinger.

   I just know this: I believed that I could help my team win. I trusted that in high school and college that I would get a good fastball to hit. And that the ball needed to go LIndsay Scott's way in big situations. I treasured the competition and loved to win.

   It's an honor to now be in there with Cobb, Aaron and Tarkenton. Just wish my Father could have lived to see it.

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