680 The Fan Super Bowl Trip

Feb 04, 2013 -- 4:01pm

   Back from New Orleans and Super Bowl 47. Good to be back home, but it was another fun experience. Kincade & I have done the "Radio Row" thing over 10 times now. It's always fun. Just love being in the mix.

   It's a Who's Who of sports broadcasting. Some of the NFL's top stars---past & present--- are being trotted out. Over 100 stations are wheeling and dealing, trying to get these guys on for a few minutes. It's an intense scene. And you can feel the buzz, when Beyonce' walks into the room.

   Our producer Jonathan Chadwick was cutting deals left and right. Adding names. Cutting names from our list. And J-Chad did great. Our road show man, Adam Gillespie also delivered behind the scenes. Those two guys got it done. And we're talking 8-10 hour work days, for 3 days.

   This is big-time radio. And it's fun. Sure hope you enjoyed the interviews. It was awesome of the Falcons to get Coach Smith, Thomas Dimitroff and Mr. Blank on B&K, while we were down there. Cris Carter was a little brash, but it made for some good radio. Mrs. Manning's visit was enjoyable and out of the ordinary. Doug Williams, Warren Moon and Kurt Warner joined us...nice trio of QB's there, uh? Still trying to wrap my arms around Swamp People and Troy Landry. they brought real gators in to intimidate. Bobby Hebert was entertaining. Love that dude.

   Sure wish the Falcons could have delivered and joined us in New Orleans.Maybe next year. And thanks to the suits at 680 The Fan for sending us back to the Super Bowl. It was fun.


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