TIme to KO in College Football

Aug 28, 2012 -- 8:54am

   Time to stop all the talking and tee it up. Reach for the seatbelt, this 15-week ride might be a little bumpy.

   Is USC running the table out in the Pac-12? Not sure they have enough depth to hold up the entire season and then, beat an SEC team in the title game. But right now, the Trojans look tough. Oregon might get two shots at these guys. And if the Ducks get that new QB to play ball, USC might not get that shot at the SEC.

   Alabama and Coach Saban are focused on doing the back-to-back thing, which is tough. The Tide running game looks like the best in CF, but who is the playmaker at WR? And on defense, who is the edge pass rusher? Even Alabama has a few question marks.

   Georgia's defense should be among the nation's best. Grantham's unit is deep and talanted. Murray has plenty of weapons at WR. Plus, with the 2 freshmen added to the RB mix, that spot looks strong now. Gurley and Marshall appear ready to make an immediate impact. The big question for the Bulldogs is on the O-Line and with the specialists. Can they deliver?

   If Georgia stumbles, South Carolina and Florida are capable to making it to Atlanta in December. Lattimore is back at 100% and Jadaveon Clowney looks ready to break out on the national scene. The Gamecocks will be tough. The Gators are trying to figure out the QB spot. Right now, Brissett and Driskel are alternating quarters, until someone steps forward. The Florida D-Line looks like a beast. The 'Dogs will be challenged in both of these match-ups.

   Auburn needs a big win over Clemson to get the season off right. Not having to cover Sammy Watkins sure helps. He ripped them last season. Chizik turns to Kiehl Frazier at QB, who gets a big stage for his first CF start. Bet the bootleg is his best play.

  Are you ready for some CF? Let's get this started!

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