Braves Return Home

Aug 13, 2012 -- 9:26am

   Hope to see you down at Turner Field this week. The Braves are back home, after a 4-2 trip. Fredi's guys are putting pressure on the Nationals, by continuing to win.

   It works both ways, right? Braves fans are frustrated by the fact our team has won 14 of 18 and we still trail the Nats by 4 1/2 games. The Nationals are probably a little freaked out that the Braves refuse to go away. Washington has won 18 of their last 23 and can't extend the lead.

   Anyway, there are 48 games remaining. So, players can start to see the finish line.

   Padres are in town for a 4-game series. San Diego has played well lately; winning 7 of 9. It's a light-hitting line-up. They rate 13th in runs scored out of a 16 team N.L. 3rd baseman Chase Headley is getting pitched around, because he's the only banger in the line-up.

   The Dodgers show up, when San Diego leaves later this week and that starts a tough 10-game stretch. Next Monday, the Braves take on the Nationals in D.C. in what will be a big series (only 6 games agaisnt them left on the schedule). Then, it's off to Frisco for 4 games. It's a big stretch for the Braves.

   Got to like the brand of baseball the Braves are playing...getting solid starting pitching, the bullpen has been reliable and the boys are swinging the bats. Bring on the competition!




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