Braves Add 2 Dudes at Deadline

Aug 01, 2012 -- 7:46pm

   Frank Wren came through. He added a couple of pieces, doing a deal with the Cubs. The Braves rotation got a boost and so did the bench. Right now, as we head into the dog days of August, the Braves are a better team.

   Paul Maholm is a lefty that paints. He lives on the black. One of his favorite weapons against righties is the back-door cutter...RH gives up on the pitch out of his hand, because it looks out of the zone. Has a rep for not giving in to the hitter...that means on fastball "hitters counts" like 2-0 and 3-1, Paul refuses to give the guy a hard one over the middle part of the plate. Stubborn, like Glavine.

   Maholm has figured out how to pitch at this elite level. Full of confidence, when he got delt. Let's hope he continues to be this sharp in a Braves uniform. I see him as a middle of the rotation guy. A dude that gives the Braves a shot to win, when he takes the ball.

   Reed Johnson is a ball-player. Can play all three OF positions. Can hit at the top of the order. Rips lefties. Solid pinch-hitter. Gets uniform dirty. This is a solid addition for the stretch run.

   I see the trade like this: The Braves got 2 guys that can help them...and gave up 2 guys that can't. Nice work Frank Wren!

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