Checking Out The New Falcons!

Jul 29, 2012 -- 10:54pm

   Sure is awesome hanging out at Falcons Training Camp. You might hear some complaining about our broadcast site---on blacktop asphalt---but it supposed to be hot, right? It's training camp!

   Anyway, I didn't waste any time getting to my checklist.

   Matt Ryan's calves looked bigger and stronger. Or maybe the socks were smaller? Anyway, Matt may be stronger, but it's not noticeable. He was making all the throws. Leading the offense. What's not to like?

   On the O-Line, top draft pick Peter Konz looks polished and strong. Bet he makes an immediate impact. Those Wisconsin linemen are tough. Right now, Garrett Rynolds is working with the 1st team at right guard. Konz is behind him, right now. At the end of camp, that might be different. Lamar Holmes is off a foot injury, but I was not impressed watching him in blocking drills. He's raw.

   Julio Jones has lost the dreads and he looks awesome. He bigger, stronger and faster than those dudes trying to cover him. Plus, he knows what to do this season. He was just winging it last year, as a rookie. Now, he and Matt have some chemistry working. This is going to be good. Fun. Can't wait to see it.

   The three corners look good. Or maybe it's just because we haven't seen 3 quality CB's in a Falcons uniform at the same time. Asante Samuel still have some game left. Grimes is a baller. Robinson can play. Bet Coach Nolan is in the Nickel Package a lot.

   Come on out this week and check out this new Falcons team. Hope to see you out there.


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