Braves Need Boost at Trade Deadline

Jul 23, 2012 -- 10:03am

   The Braves need a boost. And right now, GM Frank Wren is busy trying to make that happen. The MLB trade deadline looms at the end of the month. Time to make a deal...or two.

   Obviously, the Braves need to upgrade the starting rotation. Jurrjens is pitching his way out of here, again. Got to get another quality starter in here, in order to be taken seriously down the stretch and be a PS factor. But this isn't the only spot that needs to be addressed.

   With Matt Diaz going to the DL, the Braves line-up is short on RH hitters. Better go find one of those to plug in against left-handers.

   Need another relief pitcher, even with Venters back in the mix. Can Varvaro & Avilan get guys out in crunch time? Probably need to upgrade, even if it means moving Delgado to the bullpen. Randall has strikeout stuff. That would come in handy. Tell Delgado that his future is as a starter, but in order to win this season, he'll have to pitch out of the 'pen. Not sure why the Braves are reluctant to do this?

   Dempster? He appears to be a rental. Do you really want to trade Teheran for Dempster? Then, watch Dempster re-up with the Cubs in the off-season?

   Zach Greinke? Sure like the idea of adding a top of the rotation guy to our mix, but this would be a huge investment. Dude will probably sign a new deal paying him around $20M a year. It's not our money, right? Braves have some big money coming off the books, after this season (Lowe & Chipper), so maybe this could work.

   Wandi Rodriquez is a tough lefty, but he'll be owed $26M over the next 2 years. Pricey.

   Liriano? Guess that could work.

   One thing is a given: Frank Wren is about to pull the trigger on a deal...or two. Stay tuned.

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