Braves Plug In Sheets!

Jul 15, 2012 -- 11:11pm

   Couldn't miss this one. Had to see Sheets. So, after the Braves Pregame Show, I settled in for some Sunday afternoon baseball at Turner Field. Turned out to be a good move.

   Ben Sheets was impressive, throwing 6 scoreless innings, after 2 years off. Dude was dealing.

   His fastball was sitting at 91 and touched 93. And he had good command of the, out, up, down. The breaking ball is still his "out pitch." It's nasty. And he can either throw it for a strike, or bury it down and out of the strike zone to make them chase it. Mixed in a few change-ups. Heard he threw a few cutters. He's still got some game.

   Sounds like Frank Wren is busy kicking tires on another starter too. Could the Braves add Ryan Dempster or Liriano? Maybe Greinke? That kind of move could take this Braves team deep into the Postseason.

   Saw Minor warming up in the bullpen. Delgado is going down and coming back up. Teheran is probably wondering if he'll ever get his shot. And they are all probably wondering if Wren is going to trade them. These are interesting times, as the trade deadline approaches.

   The line-up looks tough. Bourn & Prado are tearing it up. McCann, Freeman and Chipper are swinging the bat. Heyward has it going on. This line-up is scoring runs too.

   Pitching is the key. And getting Simmons back. But Sheets looks like a keeper!

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