Bulldogs Turn Page on Crowell

Jul 09, 2012 -- 6:23pm

   That happened quick. One minute Crowell is looking like the 'Dogs go-to-guy. Couple of days later, he's out the door and making plans to play for the Hornets of Alabama State. Georgia turned the page quick too.

   And it's probably a good thing. It just wasn't going work. There were doubts and concerns about his commitment to being a student-athlete from day one. And he was becoming a poor example for the new guys.

   So, the 'Dogs move on without him. Ken Malcome takes over the running back spot, with the 1st team offense. He can bang it between the tackles. And he came on strong, at the end of last season. Behind him, the 'Dogs will be turning to a couple of freshmen backs. Keith Marshall is quick, fast and elusive. Todd Gurley is a talented, all-around back. Much is expected of of both.

   Marshall and Gurley contributing in a minor roles is the best case scenario. At least, in the beginning.

   Crowell exiting also impacts recruiting. The 'Dogs are knocking on the door locally. Tyren Jones and Alvin Kamara can play big-time football. Got to recruit them hard, even though they might be leaning elsewhere. And Derrick Henry is also out there. Got to go at him too.

   The sales pitch is this: Come compete for playing time now. The position is open.


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