Hawks Draft Vanderbilt Sharpshooter!

Jun 28, 2012 -- 9:54pm

   Sure hope John Jenkins is the Hawks next Lou Hudson. That's the rep. The Hawks 1st round pick can knock down the jump shot. And that's what Sweet Lou used to do in his Hawks uniform. Knock down shots consistently.

   Jenkins averaged 20 a game last season at Vanderbilt. He shot 47% from the floor and 44% on 3's. Most of the NBA analysts had John as the top shooter in the draft. Good pick. Got to figure he'll get minutes off the bench, as a scorer. Hopefully, his career will grow from there.

   The criticism is that he's "not the most athletic guy" in the draft, but don't worry about that. As long as he can score the ball, he's got a place in this league.

   Interesting how the Celtics took noth Jared Sullinger and Fab Melo off the board in consecutive picks, before the Hawks drafted at #23. Both of those guys would have looked good in Hawks colors. Guess this made it easier on the new GM Danny Ferry.

   I like the fact that Jenkins is not some teenager. He's a mature young man. A smart dude. And a guy that can shoot the rock.

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